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Toronto FC and Monaco lining up $10 million bids for Carlos Tevez

It is being reported in Italy and Brazil that Toronto FC are looking to bring Manchester City forward Carlos Tevez over to play in MLS.

Having said his farewell to City fans Tevez is off looking for a new club this summer.
Having said his farewell to City fans Tevez is off looking for a new club this summer.
Alex Livesey

When Tim Leiweke was announced as the new top boss at MLSE he made it clear that a big part of his plans for the companies MLS club would be to bring in a player who could have a similar impact on the league to what David Beckham brought. His target for the summer was to help the club secure a big name designated player who was still at the age to make a contribution for several years and provide the foundation for success. It worked well for him with the L.A. Galaxy as the franchise won a lot of hardware during the Beckham Era and he is looking to repeat that success with Toronto FC.

The big name targets that Toronto could be interested in have not exactly been lining up thus far with the top player linked to the club in recent months being Park Ji-Sung who would not really fit the mold of what Leiweke is looking for despite bringing a potential boost in the Asian market.

The first name to be thrown into the mix that would fit the description is that of Carlos Tevez. With his time at Manchester City likely to come to an end this summer he is in the market for a new club with several top teams reportedly interested in landing his signature. The likes of the free-spending Monaco and Italian giants Juventus have been among the clubs reported to be interested in his services but a report from Brazil suggests that two clubs have already made offers to Manchester City and one of them will surprise many fans.

This report (google translated below as well) on Lancenet claims that Toronto FC and Monaco have made similar offers for the striker with a reported transfer value of $10 million USD. They also suggest that the contract offered to the player would be in the range of $85 million over three years. That number would be a drop in the bucket for Monaco who are throwing cash around to sign anyone available in recent weeks but for MLS it would be completely unheard of.

Tevez's exit from Manchester City, and already have on hand motions for two clubs to play in the second half. The Argentine has been placed on the list of tradable by English club and received an offer from Toronto, Major League Soccer, or another of Monaco, which has just gone up to the French First Division.

The value that Toronto offers the City's $10 million U.S (R$ 20.4 million). The contract offered Tevez to three years and would have totaled $85 million U.S. (R$ 174.1 million) between wages, gloves and gains in marketing.

Monaco's proposal has similar values​​. However, the Argentine is likely to accept the offer from the French club. The key issue is the preference Tevez to live in Monaco.

Manchester City to overhaul their squad for next season, and this process would be the departure of Tevez.

The R$ in question is Brazilian currency, and the gloves is an amusing translation, presumably something to do with bonuses or sponsorship deals.

Not even David Beckham commanded anywhere near that amount in salary during his time in the league and the majority of his income was based on the brand and image which he had away from the playing field. A player like Tevez would not bring that same kind of marketing power but the report suggests that some of that $85 million figure is made up of money coming from marketing and would not just be his salary.

For anyone that is reading this and getting all excited the chances of this happening have to be somewhere between slim to none. As the initial report points out the players preference will likely be to play for Monaco as it would allow him to not only stay in Europe and have a chance to return to the top of the game in the near future but they also suggest the player would prefer to live there.

It all seems a bit like a far fetched dream when you consider that when the Seattle Sounders signed Obafemi Martins for a reported figure in the range of $4 million that was seen as breaking the bank for a MLS club. Toronto would have to more than double that output to bring in Tevez and that is before even talking about how they would pay his wages for the next three years. If that $85 million figure were to be primarily made up of his wages that would mean Tevez would be several times higher than that of the current highest paid player, Robbie Keane.

Add in the fact that only one MLS team, the New York Red Bulls, is currently spending over $10 million on their entire roster and this just makes less and less sense. Tevez alone would command more in wages than any club in the entire league and considering that MLS is so concerned with the idea of parity it would seem outlandish to allow a single club to make that kind of investment in a player.

So even if this report is true and Toronto have an offer on the table for the player chances are he will receive better offers and end up playing for one of those clubs. If anything more comes of this we will keep you update but for now at least it seems worthy of a dismissive chuckle at most.