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MLS week in review, and East Side Stand Up.

Links to our work from elsewhere on the web, James' usual gig at CSN, and I make an appearance on RedNation's post game podcast East Side Stand Up.

Down goes Emory! Down goes Emory!
Down goes Emory! Down goes Emory!

Once again, some links for you to Waking the Red writers' work on other sites. First up, here's James' MLS week in review over at Canadian Soccer News. Missed penalties, Joao Plata, Frank Yallop and Jason Kreis getting testy and a frankly magnificently turned phrase to describe TFC's late game problems - a side's inability to perform the routine when faced with the weight of expectation. Perfect.

Meanwhile, After the Colorado game, I was the the guest on RedNationOnline's East Side Stand Up podcast, discussing all aspects of the game, from Emory's mishap to Earnshaw's struggles, Laba's performance as well as looking at just how well TFC did on draft day given the Rapids had two of their picks this year playing in the game and looking at what mistakes from previous regimes we can learn from. You can find that here, along with Armen's match report.