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Toronto FC confirm signing of Steven Caldwell and Jeremy Brockie

This morning's rumoured loan deals are now officially confirmed by the club. Scotland international Steven Caldwell and New Zealand international Jeremy Brockie are on their way.

Yes! It's official! I'm so happy!
Yes! It's official! I'm so happy!
Laurence Griffiths

Well, these ones mercifully didn't take too long. With rumours coming out this morning, along with confirmation form Birmingham in the case of Caldwell, it was just a case of waiting for the official press release, not always a foregone conclusion as we know when it comes to Toronto FC.

That has now come through, and though there'll be no grand shirt holding press conference to unveil them, they are now officially TFC players, for now at least. Terms weren't disclosed etc etc, but it was confirmed that it is just a loan deal in both situations.

Here's the exciting quotes:

Payne on Caldwell: "We're pleased that Steven has agreed to join us on loan until July. He's a proven defender with great experience. We expect him to help shore up our defense."

Payne on Brockie: "We're excited to have Jeremy join us on loan. Ryan has played with him on the All Whites and speaks very highly of him. He'll provide another option in an attacking position and if he can continue his form from the last A-League season we'll be happy indeed."

Exactly what this means for those already in the squad is difficult to predict right now. Given just how many players are here on short term loan deals, it should be very interesting to see who makes it as far as the summer transfer window, never mind to the end of the season or beyond.

For more detail, highlights videos and such like on each player , click here for Caldwell, and here for Brockie.