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Six Toronto FC players on All-Star ballot

Joe Bendik, Jeremy Hall, Darren O'Dea, Reggie Lambe, Luis Silva, and Robert Earnshaw all represent Toronto FC on the MLS All-Star ballot for this summer's game against AS Roma.

O'Dea one of six TFC players on the all star ballot
O'Dea one of six TFC players on the all star ballot

The MLS All-Star ballot is live! I know you are all just as excited about it as I am and can't wait to head over to the voting page and pick your favorite players to take part in a meaningless exhibition match against a European club. This year the MLS All-Star team will take on AS Roma at Sporting Park on July 31st.

Toronto FC get six players on the ballot this year and some of them come as a bit of a surprise. With each team having a keeper on the ballot it is no surprise that Joe Bendik is one of the 19 options available to voters but some of the other names might leave you wondering how they made it onto the vote.

The other five TFC players who you can vote for are Darren O'Dea, Jeremy Hall, Reggie Lambe, Luis Silva, and Robert Earnshaw. You can make a strong case for some of the players considering all you would have to argue is that they are among the five best players for TFC this season but would be more than a little difficult to make the case that any of the players on the ballot actually deserve to head to Kansas City this summer for the game.

The biggest omission from the list is probably Jonathan Osorio who has impressed in a limited sample this season and in my opinion is more deserving of making this list than someone like Lambe who has had a very limited impact this season.

If you are interested in voting for people who actually belong in an All-Star squad you can head here and cast your ballot. Then head to the comments and let us know which TFC players you would have wanted to see on the ballot and who would get your vote if you had to pick one TFC player for the match.