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Toronto FC @ Houston Dynamo: Game Thread

Live commentary/nonsense as TFC take on Houston.

Dunfield and Hainault makjng Don Cherry proud. sadly, neither will be on display today.
Dunfield and Hainault makjng Don Cherry proud. sadly, neither will be on display today.
Bob Levey

Houston Dynamo vs Toronto FC
BBVA Compass Stadium, 9pm Eastern

On a winning streak (don't ask how many) and unbeaten in 4 weeks, That's TFC. On a 5 game winless streak, 2 consecutive defeats at home, and haven't won in MLS since May 8th. That's Houston. What kind of mixed up muddled up shook up world is this?

There are of course extenuating circumstances to both those streaks, DC are a truly terrible team, Houston were missing Brad Davis and Oscar Boniek Garcia for a long time, both are back and should be in the team today. All of which is to say that you should forget all about that opening paragraph, Houston are very much the favourite here and it's best to expect normal service to be resumed, probably with Houston sneaking a result via a late goal.

So far, there's no news of any arrests so that's one traditional Houston problem overcome, the next one is something that will be a factor and that's the heat you'd expect in summer in Texas, it's set to be a hot evening down there.

Can TFC somehow keep their improved form and results going? It seems unlikely, but a draw is very much a possibility so it's not like there's no hope. For further pre game reading, a preview from Kristin and the usual How You Doin'? and Know Your Enemy pieces, click on that photo on the right for our game hub with everything neatly collected together, then join us here for the usual commentary and gallows humour, though I'm not sure who 'us' will be to be honest.

I'll be away from my computer, watching at a pub ahead of guesting on RedNation Online's East Side Stand Up podcast. John, well given he lives in Calgary, he's got more important things to be worrying about, though maybe he needs a distraction and will be here, who knows? Anyway, we'll have team news when it hits twitter and chat throughout the game, join us.

Come on you Reds.