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Provincial National Soccer Teams: An exercise in imagination

If Quebec can have their own National Team than the rest of the country should at least have fun imagining what their own team would look like if they were to go down the same road.

Hutch would be a key player for my Ontario team
Hutch would be a key player for my Ontario team
Dean Mouhtaropoulos

There has been plenty of talk about Quebec creating their own National Team to compete in the International Tournament of Peoples and Cultures which is currently taking place in Marseille, France. The team led by former Montreal Impact player Patrick Leduc is certainly not the best team you could possibly put together with Quebec born soccer players but the best part of the whole thing is the spin off of people creating their own regional soccer squads. The official MLS site even got in on the fun making squads for the States that it was actually possible for.

The problem with trying to do this activity for Canadian provinces is that many of them could not put together an XI of players that are even at the semi-professional level. I tried to do it for as much of the country as I could but the real point of this post is to have folks offer their own squads in the comments.

The rules are simple: teams should be made up of active players that spent their formative years in the province. So that means you can have Milan Borjan playing for Ontario since he grew up in Hamilton despite not being born in Canada. It also means that Jonathan De Guzman and Junior Hoillett are eligible for to play for Ontario.

Without further ado here are my own offerings:

Ontario - (4-3-3) Milan Borjan; Marcel de Jong, Nana Attakora, Dejan Jakovic, David Edgar; Will Johnson, Atiba Hutchinson, Jonathan de Guzman; Dwayne De Rosario, Simeon Jackson, Junior Hoillet

*Russell Teibert and Lucas Cavallini could easily knock DeRo and Jackson out of that lineup. Also, I will accept all criticism for including JDG2 in this squad.

Quebec - (4-5-1) Maxime Crepeau; Fabrice Lassonde, Andre Hainault, Karl Ouimette, Alex Surprenant; Samuel Piette, Jonathan Beaulieu-Bourgault, Patrice Bernier, Philippe Davies, Zakaria Messoudi; Olivier Occean

British Columbia (4-4-2) - Simon Thomas; Adam Straith, Mason Trafford, Daniel Stanese, Derrick Bassi; Kevin Harmse, Terry Dunfield, Robbie Tice, Josh Simpson; Caleb Clarke, Marcus Haber

Alberta - (4-4-2) Lars Hirschfield; Kevin McKenna, Nik Ledgerwood, Antonio Rago, Paul Hamilton; Hanson Boakai, Matt Lam, Shaun Saiko, Issey Nakajima-Farran; Randy Edwini-Bonsu, Tosaint Ricketts.

* made by John

There is obviously plenty of room for disagreement with the squads that I have put together and I have likely missed names on some of them. That is the whole point of this post though as it is now up to you to post your own version of any or all of the teams.

Bonus points to anyone who can piece together a squad for any other province or territory.