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Toronto FC Special Announcement: Special Live Thread!

I'm special (special), so special (special). I gotta have some of your attention. Give it to me

Roma players were very excited to learn about their summer schedule.
Roma players were very excited to learn about their summer schedule.
Paolo Bruno

Are we all ready? TFC breathlessly announced a 'special announcement' to be made this afternoon. What could it be, what could it be?

This particular surprise was very quickly spoilt as news leaked within hours that it was all about announcing a friendly game against AS Roma. Unimpressive stuff, Ro-meh, No-ma, Serie Nah etc etc, here's not one but two articles saying what we here at WTR towers think of that.

But then they announced there was a live stream of the event, so it gets me thinking that maybe there's more to it than that. They can't be that tone deaf that they're going to pull out all the stops merely to try and bask in Roma's reflected glory. Can they? I mean sure it's MLSE, I shouldn't be surprised, but this would be something else.

So, there's two ways I can see this going, think of it as the Pretenders vs Radiohead.

A) The pretenders version, the lyric quoted at the start of the article; "I'm special (special), so special (special). I gotta have some of your attention. Give it to me."

It's TFC that are special somehow, the friendly was a strategically leaked smokescreen, a rope-a-dope, let all the cynical tweeters and bloggers vent their rage, then boom, there's something beyond the friendly, a new big name signing, or something else that actually does help TFC and isn't just about some other team deigning to honour us with their mere presence.

For a bit more hope along those lines, here's another strategically released video, the first bit of that #askKP thing they're doing, in which Payne talks about DP like players.

B) The Radiohead version: "I wish I was special, you're so fucking special, but I'm a creep....."

Nope, it's exactly what we've already been told, and they are doing all this merely to publicise the friendly, yeah TFC aren't really all that good, but hey soccer fans, this year you get AS Roma? Aren't they special? Wow.

If this is the case, then it'll be all the confirmation needed that nothing's really changed with the arrival of Kevin Payne and Tim Leiweke. Yes, all MLS clubs seem to do these friendlies, for whatever reason it seems to be the cost of doing business and I'm sure it makes a nice one off chunk of change for all concerned, but do TFC have to be so consistently about sizzle over steak, do they have to be really quite so enthusiastic about the sizzle?

So, one way or another, we'll learn something important today, so why not live thread it up. Here's the actual live feed. If you're stuck at work and can't watch the live thread, join us here for all the details. If I had to gamble on something it'd be the Radiohead outcome, TFC is the creep, wistfully wishing it was as special as AS Roma, and I've just helped them sell it that little bit more, but I can't quite shake the small feeling that there has to be something more.