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Toronto FC Waives Logan Emory

The cuts continue! The latest to get his walking papers in the ongoing makeover that is the TFC roster is utility defender Logan "Screech" Emory.

Thumbs up? No? Aw man...Oh Screech, we hardly knew yee.
Thumbs up? No? Aw man...Oh Screech, we hardly knew yee.
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

In a somewhat surprising move Toronto FC announced this afternoon that they had released little used (of late) defender Logan Emory. In a tersely worded release - surely they could have come up with a wee bit more to say - Toronto bade farewell to Emory who hadn't played in the past two months due to injury. This latest round of roster cuts sees the utility player put on waivers after spending a little over a season and a half with TFC.

Scooped up by Toronto from Orlando City while playing in their preseason tournament in 2012, Emory was best known for 2 things: his outstanding 'Fro (which he sadly cut) and some memorable errors - Easter in Montreal anyone? - that unfortunately served to overshadow his serviceable work at both CB and FB.

Emory always seemed like a good guy, worked hard on the pitch, was engaging on social media and so forth and most importantly was an inexpensive bit of bench depth; the kind of player that most teams have kicking around their team. Here's our piece on him from last years WTR Countdown.

The big question really - other than what NASL team will he end up at - is what is TFC bringing in to replace him? With a lot of talk being bandied about by Kevin Payne of late about new signings and roster spots being opened at a rapid rate, expectations are high that player upgrades are en route. Clearly Payne and Co. are clearing the decks in preparation for the opening of the transfer window in 10 days.

This move (along with Dunfield's release) and whatever other cuts occur in the next few days can't be considered a win or a loss until we see what arrives in their place. Until then - good luck Logan - thanks for the throw-ins.