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Toronto FC vs Real Salt Lake: Game Thread

Follow all the action as TFC takes on Real Salt Lake.

It's not all about Joao you know, it's the return of Aaron Maund as well.
It's not all about Joao you know, it's the return of Aaron Maund as well.
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto FC v Real Salt Lake
Bmo Field, 1pm Eastern

A month long unbeaten streak for TFC, playing against a team that's never beaten them at BMO Field, or even scored against them in league play. Childs play right? An easy 3 points.

Probably not, that never won at BMO stat is ridiculous really considering they've been one of the best teams in the league for a few years now and despite shedding 3 of their top players, Johnson, Espindola and Olave, have just carried on regardless, top of the league right now no less. Surely at some point they'll play up to that level and TFC will play to their usual level and the world will work as it's supposed to and they'll take the 3 points back with them.

The last time they played here, it was Joao Plata who scored the winner for TFC and that is of course the other historic trend to take into account. Former TFC players (at least those who don't just plunge down the football ladder into oblivion generally manage to do well against TFC, would you really bet against Big Joao doing it again. I certainly wouldn't. Aaron Maund I'm confident we'd be alright against.

As for TFC, well there's possible injury issues with Robert Earnshaw who missed training on Friday, might this be Danny Koevermans chance to get into the starting lineup? Who knows really. For a full preview and not one, not two but 3 know your whatevers from James, click the link on the right there for all our pre game coverage.

Anyway, join us here for the usual commentary/nonsense. Some of us will be at the game, John will probably still be doing more important stuff in Calgary, but hopefully there'll be someone around. We'll have team news when it hits twitter and go from there really.

Come on you reds!