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Dave Kitson linked to Toronto FC

Another day, another former Premier League role player linked to Toronto FC. This time it is Sheffield United forward Dave Kitson who will be out of contract this summer.

TFC could use more gingers, I guess
TFC could use more gingers, I guess
Ben Hoskins

At some point it started to feel like every former Premier League role player who's contract is scheduled to expire this summer would be linked to a move to Toronto FC at some point. That is largely due to the fact that the club has brought in a number of such players already this season but with the summer window fast approaching the rumor-mill is starting to take on a life of its own.

The latest name to be thrown into the mix is Sheffield United forward Dave Kitson who is reportedly set to be reunited with his former teammate, Bobby Convey, at Toronto FC. The report seems to originate from the Daily Star but lacks any substance as it contains only a few short lines about the potential move.

Meanwhile, Dave Kitson will quit the Blades and head for the USA.

Hit-man Kitson scored 12 goals last season but his contract is up and he wants an MLS move to Toronto where he will link-up with former team-mate Bobby Convey.

The first issue with the report is that Toronto may be a MLS club but that does not mean that it is located in the USA. If Kitson is heading to the USA then he would not be signing for Toronto FC but other than a lack of proper geography there is not a whole lot else in the report.

Like some of the previous players that were linked to Toronto in recent weeks this report has the feel of following the basic formula for creating a transfer rumor. It is clear that the player's days with his current club are winding down as the club has no intention of offering Kitson a new deal this summer so that makes him an ideal candidate to be used in the report. Add in the fact that Toronto has been signing a lot of players with a similar resume to Kitson's since Kevin Payne and Ryan Nelsen took charge and they automatically jump out as a possible destination for such a player. Top it off by throwing in the fact that he once played on the same team as Bobby Convey and there you have your story.

Of course, I could be reacting to the report with far too much skepticism due to having seen so many different reports linking a wide variety of players to Toronto FC in recent weeks. There could be some fact behind it and the only reason it is treated in such passing is that there is nothing more to say at this point in time and not that many people are interested in reading a longer article linked Kitson to Toronto FC in the Daily Star.

So assuming there is something to the report what kind of player is Kitson? Well, he is a 33 year old forward who has a decent scoring record over his career including seasons that saw him score 19 goals in the Championship and 10 goals in the Premiership during his time at Reading. He also spent time playing for Cambridge United, Stoke City, Middlesbrough, and Portsmouth before joining Sheffield United this past season.

He is no longer at the level of a player who can score 10 goals in the Premier League but he is coming off a decent season for the Blades having notched 12 goals in 37 matches across all competitions including 11 in League One. It was actually his best scoring season since the 2005-2006 Championship season with Reading when he collected a total of 22 goals.

So there may be some gas left in the tank for the 33 year old and this report is not the first time he has been linked to a move to MLS. In a BBC report following Kitson signing an extension with Sheffield United he expressed his interest in moving to America to play.

"I had contact with the club at the beginning of the month and they made it clear that they would like to extend my stay and that spoke volumes.

"It wouldn't have sat comfortably with me to leave a job half done after integrating myself into a great squad."

He added: "I still would like to go to America but we will revisit that at a later date because the aim is to have a good crack at winning promotion here."

The deal comes with an optional additional season if the Blades, who are currently second in League One, secure promotion to the Championship.

With the club failing to gain promotion out of League One it means that option year was not activated and he is now free to pursue his desire to play in America (or even Canada). So the interest is there on the players part but for now it seems to be a flimsy report at best. Should things develop any further we will be sure to keep you up to date.