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The Biggest Little Football Club In The World

Football is universal. We all know this simple truth; but we sometimes forget that while it unites us all in our passion and love of the beautiful game, it can also be a source of inspiration, a source of joy in troubled times. And so it is for the players and supporters of Gulu United; the Biggest Little Football Club In The World.

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The Biggest Little Football Club In The World
The Biggest Little Football Club In The World
United For United

We're a lucky bunch we TFC supporters - stop laughing, I really mean that - we are lucky. We can go see our team whenever we want - the only barriers we face are traffic on the Gardiner or TTC delays. But the supporters of Gulu United in Northern Uganda aren't as lucky. 20 years of war and strife have reduced a once proud club to almost nothing. And that's where United For United come in - headed up by noted local footy journalist Kristian Jack and Adrian Bradbury a local writer and fundraiser who is perhaps best know for his work with GuluWalk. They want to bring football and Gulu United back to Northern Uganda and they want to start with the young people. But to do that they need our help; in fact why don't I let them tell you about it:

And these are the men that inspired what has ultimately led to this project:

Please join me and others in being members of 'United For United', the supporter group for the Biggest Little Football Club in the world. Go to the United For United website, donate - any amount will do - or just help spread the word to others.

We all spend a lot of our time and money supporting our local team, helping out at the local level by reffing or coaching and supporting our national teams whenever we can. Football is our passion, it's our joy and for a lot of us it means collecting scarves and kits from clubs that we support or clubs we think are kind of groovy or just plain obscure. If giving some deserving kids in an oft frightening place the chance to play the game we love isn't enough, then may I tempt you further with the chance to own this scarf:


Pretty sweet, right? Look, I could go on and on about the cool factor or tug at your heart strings - but in the end I'll just say this: remember how you felt the first time you kicked a ball, saw your team play, watched your favourite player score a goal - let's help bring that joy to them; to Gulu United.