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Canada 0:2 Mexico. Putting the meh in Mexico

It was an uninspiring performance and an unsurprising result for Canada last night.

At least the fans showed up.
At least the fans showed up.
Otto Greule Jr

It was always going to be a tough game for Canada, what with Will Johnson, Simeon Jackson, Russell Tiebert and Randy Edwini-Bonsu joining all those players who didn't even bother to join up with the squad as unavailable. A B- team, with Jonathan Osorio, Kyle Bekker and Issey Nakajima-Farran new to the starting lineup was never really going to do well against even a sputtering Mexican team, and so it proved in Seattle.

The first half wasn't terrible as Canada did their bit, more or less keeping the Mexicans at bay without much danger, Milan Borjan the busier of the goalies for sure, but aside from getting a kicking when challenging for a ball he wasn't really troubled. His first tough save came just after 40 minutes, tipping a shot around the post very sharply. The corner was another story though, hit to the near post, then delightfully flicked on and back to the edge of the 6 yard box, where Raul Jiminez thumped a header just inside the post, Julian de Guzman's spectacular attempt to head it away denied by his inherent shortness.

After that, well given that Canada needed a goal, merely frustrating the Mexicans no longer good enough, the second half efforts looked particularly weak as Canada never really threatened. They weren't helped out by a very very dodgy penalty decision after David Edgar missed both ball and player at the edge of the box. He had stuck his leg out and after Fabian had danced past him, he decided to fall to the ground rather than try and take on Borjan and referee Joel Aguilar pointed to the spot. Fabian shamelessly took the kick himself, sending Borjan the wrong way and it was all over bar the cap tying. As well as Kyle Bekker, Kyle Porter and finally Keven Aleman were sent on to the field, their fates sealed.

We did almost get the comfort of a goal, a free kick on the edge of the area in the dying minutes and Milan Borjan came up for it, was this going to be a Jorge Campos moment, Borjan revealing a previously unseen adeptness at free kicks? Sadly no as he went back to his goal and instead it was Marcel de Jong and his effort rattled off the crossbar and that was as close as Canada got.

Were there promising signs, glimpses of potential and a brighter future to cling to? Not really. They played a bit better than against Martinique, but none of the youngsters really showed much at all. Osorio, Aleman and Piette weren't all that noticeable. Kyle Bekker, his set pieces were hit and miss but one or two of them were whipped in very nicely, could legitimately be called dangerous, but in open play he looked like what he is, someone who's barely played at all recently.

What now for Canada? Well in the first game of the evening, Panama eventually got past Martinique, thanks to a late penalty, this is one where the defender definitely got his money's worth with a very heavy clumsy 'tackle' no Concacaffing on that one. That means Panama has 6 points, with Mexico and Martinique both on 3. Might Panama, guaranteed a top 2 spot take it easy and relax a bit, giving Canada a chance? Probably not, but let's hope so, it's a possibility I guess.

If Canada gets the win, then it's a question of hoping that somebody wins the other game. If that ends in a tie then they'll both have 4 points and Canada are out regardless. If either team wins, then it might come down to goal difference and that's where pretty much all hope dies off. Canada's at -3, Mexico at +1 and Martinique even. It's possible that Canada might somehow get a win against Panama, but they've done nothing at all to suggest that they might be able to score a few goals to boost the goal difference. So, a scrappy win, followed by Mexico thumping Martinique is our best bet to get that 3rd spot and have a chance to advance. Probably best not to think too much about that though, it's not going to happen is it. Ah well, We've cap tied some people, sadly enough that's about as much as we'll be able to take form this entire tournament. Meh.