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Are you smarter than Aron Winter? Round 2.

Predict the TFC vs SKC score and win, win, win!

Victor Decolongon

Well, nobody went with 3-3 last time, might we saw more craziness this time? TFC did of course beat SKC at the skydome back in March, but surely they can't do it again can they? Who knows?

Why you do of course, so predict the score in the comments section or @wakingthered on twitter, 2 points for the correct result, 1 for the correct amount of TFC goals, and 1 for the correct amount of SKC goals. Current standings below, thanks for playing.

steph gunther 2
Randy Narine 2
footy wolverine go blue 2
zicogold 2
c.beaulieu 2
dcherk 2
james grossi 2
varry galk 2
blindfolded tank driver 2
bruce harding 2
susanjm 2
b_like_fonz 2
prizby 1
Duncan fletcher 1
sn0wmanCA 1
hansdampf 1
dave rowaan 1
ghost of tfc future 1
angus chung 1
toronto tony 1
sasktfc fan 1
kristin knowles 1
mr tuktoyaktuk 1
michelle 1
the yorkies 1