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Toronto FC Acquire Defender Mark Bloom

Who doesn't love a Friday evening player acquisition? We do, we do!

Somewhere in that huddle is TFC's newest player.
Somewhere in that huddle is TFC's newest player.
Douglas C. Pizac-USA Today Sport

Welcome to Toronto FC Mark Bloom! Who you ask? A quick check of Wiki states that Bloom is "an American soccer player currently playing for the Atlanta Silverbacks in the NASL". Scintillating stuff! Bloom is a defender - left back to be specific - by trade who's come up through both the USL PDL and USL Pro leagues before playing in the NASL this season.

Brought in on loan until the end of this season, at first glance you'd think that he was being added for some cheap bench depth. However, it seems that is not the case. In the release on the TFC website Kevin Payne had this to say:

“We’re happy to add Mark Bloom to our team. Eric Wynalda has spoken very highly of him to me, and our scouts also rate him as a very solid player,” said Toronto FC President and General Manager Kevin Payne. “We expect him to be a part of the nucleus of TFC we are trying to put together to carry us forward for the next several years.”

So not just depth but another building block is headed our way. Celebrate! Actually, this should be cause for celebration (caveat: until we've seen him play), as this is something that most of us have been hoping for - young, talented players that will be at the core of the team going forward into the next several years. There's already a rather laudatory farewell piece on the Silverbacks site and a quick look at some of their stats speaks well of the newest Red.

Will he play this weekend? Doubtful as his ITC is still in progress but there's a decent chance he'll at least be a sub in Wednesday's match against Chivas. So welcome to player #217 for TFC - OK, that's a slight exaggeration, but not much! Hopefully he turns into more than that but as all things TFC, who knows.