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Toronto FC @ Sporting Kansas City: Game Thread

Live comments and general nonsense as TFC head down to Kansas City to take on the Mighty Sporks.

Eckersley's Alive!!!
Eckersley's Alive!!!

Sporting Park, 8:30 PM Eastern
Sportsnet 360 (what used to be The Score)

With a bye week to recover from that 3-3 game, TFC's much depleted squad heads down to Kansas City, taking on the Sporks, one of the two teams TFC have actually managed to beat this year. The Gold Cup 4 will more than likely be back with TFC for Wednesday's clash with Chivas, but of course are missing for now, as is Danny Koevermans with an injury. Also take out Luis Silva and Danny Califf and while the first team won't be changed that much, the bench could be looking very shoddy indeed.

Richard Eckersley is back though and will more than likely finally put Ryan Richter out of his misery in the right back spot, and the much ballyhooed transfer targets and reinforcements have finally started dribbling in, though they are starting off in an underwhelming fashion. Though I'd imagine we'll see Darren O'Dea continue at left back, the arrival of Mark Bloom does bolster things a bit, and leads to the exciting possibility of a full back partnership that is a polite, 3 steps removed version of Fucking Hell in Bloom n Eck. Fun.That is of course on top of our defence now containing an englishman, an irishman and a scotsman, and thus now literally, not just figuratively, a joke. Fun.

The obvious thing to say about SKC is that they're a good team, that they should easily beat TFC and that there's a good chance this'll turn into a bit of a laugher for them. But as I said earlier, we beat them at the dome, and they've already lost 3 games at the field formerly known as PED park this year, so it's not like they're a juggernaut or anything. They do have Graham Zusi and Matt Besler in their squad, spared Gold Cup duty by Jurgen Klinsmann which I'm sure Ryan Nelsen is happy about so despite that last sentence, they really should be beating TFC.

Anyway, for a wide range of fuller previews, click on that link off to the right for all our pre game coverage, and join us here later on, we'll have team news as it hits twitter, and commentary throughout the game.

Come on you Reds!