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Darren O'Dea finalising transfer away from Toronto FC

Released just before the game is the surprising news that Darren O'Dea is on his way out.

O'Dea's last moments as a TFC player.
O'Dea's last moments as a TFC player.
Martin Bazyl Photography

Well, the team news came out with an odd quirk, Richard Eckersley was back, but at left back, with no O'Dea. TFC followed that up with a tweet saying the following.

O'Dea himself followed that up by tweeting this, suggesting that this was very much not what he wanted.

It'll be interesting to see what details come out later, where O'Dea ends up, if TFC receive anything in return. More than likely it's just all about cap relief for TFC.

We'll have more on this later, but for now I'll say that that's a big shock, mainly for the way it was done, out of nowhere. While almost everyone thought it wasn't a good contract for him to be on, and that the club would probably be fairly happy to get it off the books, there was no hint of a transfer, no rumours from any of the usual sources.

So, the grand remake continues, Kevin Payne has often complained about the mess he inherited and O'Dea's contract would definitely be a part of that. More cap space, another roster spot, another international spot all opened, It's interesting times right now, but Nelsen's words about an ugly game or two could well come true. The 3rd pre season of the season is now well underway, a step back is taken (at least on the pitch) let's hope we end up ahead of where we started.

EDIT: Among other things in his post game interview Nelsen did discuss this, as seen below, and he seemed to be trying to present it as something that O'Dea wanted, a contract that he couldn't turn down, a good opportunity for him, as if TFC was reluctant to let him go, which really does not match up with O'Dea's earlier tweet does it.