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Are you smarter than Aron Winter? Round 3

Predict the score of tfc v chivas and win, win, win!


Well, Saturday was fun wasn't it. At the time of writing it doesn't appear as if reinforcements are coming in time for this game, unless some of the Gold Cup 4 get back into the team despite playing in the heat and altitude on Sunday. So this one could be fun. But then it's Chivas, our glorious Mexican flavoured cousins in dysfunction, there's got to be a chance of beating them right? Who knows really?

Why you do of course so predict the score in the comments section or @wakingthered on twitter. 2 points for correct result, 1 for correct amount of TFC goals, and 1 for correct amount of Chivas Goooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllls. This is the point where I'd usually say current standings are below, but, um, they're not. Sunday was really busy ok, what with having to write an article for sportsnet and a canada panama preview, then watch the canada game then write a report on it, and I didn't have time, and then yesterday, well yesterday i just forgot. Sue me. I'll get that sorted out tonight, my apologies, thanks for playing. here they are now. Yay, I'm up to date.

sasktfc fan 5
c.beaulieu 5
dcherk 5
angus chung 5
ghost of tfc future 4
zicogold 4
mr tuktoyaktuk 4
Randy Narine 4
the yorkies 4
blindfolded tank driver 4
dave rowaan 3
hansdampf 3
sweep6 3
prizby 3
rob ditta 3
pkelamis 3
wright anomaly3
james m casey 3
toronto tony 3
steph gunther 2
footy wolverine go blue 2
d dubya 2
stoppage_time 2
red wine roz 2
james grossi 2
varry galk 2
izaac 2
bruce harding 2
susanjm 2
b_like_fonz 2
bradtaylor78 2
sulfur_chesh 2
Duncan fletcher 1
sn0wmanCA 1
kristin knowles 1
michelle 1