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Chivas USA 1-0 Toronto FC: Is It Really Possible to Win When You Lose? (Or: Is This Our Waterloo...Again?)

Chivas wins (or loses) the first annual Bluth-Simpson-Conners Cup for MLS Dysfunctionality. Is that a good or bad thing? (Spoiler alert: it's bad...but not THAT bad. Maybe?)

That's what this game was...even WITH Cubo Torres' goal. Benny Hill, I say.
That's what this game was...even WITH Cubo Torres' goal. Benny Hill, I say.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
E. Torres 79'

Bocanegra 17' Agbossoumonde 44'
Braun 55'
Villafana for Borja 46'
Farfan for Alvarez 71'
Bowen for J. Morales 90'+1
Braun for Earnshaw 46'
Bekker for Russel 68'

And the winner is...Chivas USA!

Even playing with 10 men the Goats were able to pull off a victory in what was pretty much a snoozer. Many of you will probably wake up reading this wondering if this was just another one of those games and you'd be right on the money. But hey, at least you slept through what was a lucky goal by Erick "Cubo" Torres in the 79th minute to break the scoreless deadlock. That's got to count for something, right?

With so many of the old pieces gone, it's kinda not surprising that TFC was playing pretty much like an incomplete jigsaw puzzle. And for the first few minutes it seems, that was the case. Chivas would get some early chances, though Toronto was doing some good things without looking threatening, but the game changed in the 24th minute with Eric Avila getting a harsh straight red card. Jeremy Brockie would almost make the home side pay, on a cross from Jonathan Osorio that took Dan Kennedy out of the play and left the Kiwi with an open goal.

Sadly, under pressure from Carlos Bocanegra, he failed to make enough contact and the ball went wide. The rest of the evening was rather uneventful for Kennedy as TFC would find few good chances, despite holding onto 65% of possession for the game. It's a scary stat given the disparity between possession and the result, but really...there wasn't all that many good chance to begin with. Joe Bendik had a fairly busy night on the surface, but at the end of the day only one of the 8 shots got by.

And that happened in the 79th minute, two minutes after Jonathan Osorio had put in a relatively good shot that Kennedy pushed round the post. Tristen Bowen had been a pest for most of the match, making Ashtone Morgan once again look out of place. On the goal, it was his run that caused the problems, but gale Agbossoumonde just backed off and backed off, and actually let Bowen come inside rather than force him to the outside. Awful stiff and eventually the ball got to Torres, whose shot deflected off Steven Caldwell and in.

The rest of the game would see few other chances as TFC continued to struggle to create anything going forward. Jonathan Osorio was the only bright spark and he did have a pretty strong shout for a penalty denied by Stoica just after entering stoppage time, but otherwise that was that -- Chivas remained undefeated at home against the Reds.

But still, what would have happened if TFC had won this encounter? It may have been good to look at, but what good would it have done? Would it have given Ryan Nelsen a few more chances to throw out more platitudes about how good TFC is, or how we have turned a corner? No thanks.

So slap me with a whitefish and call me Griselda, but I still believe that while this loss is bad, it's probably better that we didn't win. Winning only masks the problems, and would you have been happy winning this gong show? Sure, we as fans deserve a point (and us writers, something good to write about), but were we ever going to get it with the players that we see? Hell no. If it hasn't happened already, it's probably not going to happen now.

And for us to expect them to from this crop -- well, who's the crazy one now? (It's probably all of us, but you get my point, right?)

* * *


Kick to the Groin: Gale Agbossoumonde
Way to let Cubo Torres walk right by you.
Kick to the Groin: Ashtone Morgan
Whenever you want to start defending, let us know.
Kick to the Groin: Ryan Nelsen
You had a sub left. What happened?!
Kick to the Groin: Jeremy Brockie
Shoulda been a hero, but was a zero.
Kick to the Groin: Kevin Payne
You do realize wins = tickets, right?
Golden Trophy: Late-owl TFC supporters
You're probably too good for this team, but...


Shots 12 10
Shots on Target 3 3
Corners 2 8
Fouls 16 18
Offsides 0 4
Yellow Cards 1 2
Red Cards 1 0
Passes 269 491
Passing Accuracy (%) 69 84
Possession (%) 35 65