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What does Ignacio Scocco's move to Internacional mean for Toronto FC's transfer plans

There are plenty of dominoes falling in South America that could help shape the future of a number of players that Toronto FC have been linked to in the recent weeks. The first big domino to fall could be Ignacio Scocco moving to Internacional.

In this game of dominos the fate of Damiao could impact TFC's transfer plans.  Its silly season!
In this game of dominos the fate of Damiao could impact TFC's transfer plans. Its silly season!
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Things may be quiet around Toronto on the transfer front but that is not stopping other clubs from making move that could affect Toronto FC's potential moves this summer. TFC have been strongly linked to Maximiliano Urruti and Diego Forlan so when their two clubs are close to completing a transfer it could shape how willing the clubs are to let either player head to Toronto.

The deal that could shape the future possibility of Toronto FC signing either Urruti or Forlan is Ignacio Scocco reportedly moving from Newell's Old Boys to Internacional. Scocco is the forward who basically kept Urruti on the bench since he made his return to NOB and it seemed that as long as Scocco was with the club next season Urruti was going to have to move on to find playing time elsewhere.

With Scocco leaving Newell's it could open the door for Urruti to stay with the team despite the fact that a number of clubs are interested in him. Scocco's departure would move Urruti up to second on the club's depth chart behind just Victor Figueroa. Figueroa is not much of a goal scorer though so it would leave a lot of pressure on Urruti to replace Scocco's goal scoring should he stay with NOB for the new season.

Newell's are coming off a run to the semi-finals of the Copa Libertadores and that was in large part due to the performances of Scocco. His 24 league goals and 6 in the Copa Lib were impressive totals and would be difficult for any club to replace with just one player.

If Newell's do land the $6.5 million US that is reportedly being offered for Scocoo it would put them in position to add quality in the attack. What they do with that money will likely decide if they are willing to sell Urruti or if they need to hang onto him for the coming season. Either way, the sale of Scocco is likely only going to increase their asking price for the young forward.

On the other end of the deal Internacional are set to add another forward to a very talent group that already includes the likes of Diego Forlan, Rafael Moura, and Leandro Damião. They have a lot of attacking quality in the team but the arrival of Scocco could just pave the way for the club to finalize the sale of Damião who has been strongly linked to a move to Napoli to help replace Edison Cavani.

The Damião deal, which could reportedly be worth as much as 22 million Euros, was supposed to pave the way for the club to secure a return for Nilmar who is currently playing for Al Rayyan in Qatar. Reports are suggesting that Internacional are not going to be able to bring back Nilmar which could in turn lead to them not selling Damião.

"If Al-Rayyan are able to hold on to Nilmar," sporting director Cesar Luis Souto de Moura told Radio Guaiba.

"Then we will do the same with Damiao."

There are a lot of dominos that seem to be falling in South America that could have a direct impact on Toronto FC's business. If Internacional do add Scocco while managing to keep Damião (or bringing back Nilmar) it could open the door for them to sell Forlan to Toronto this summer.

Forlan and Urruti may not be TFC's only targets in South America though as at least one source is suggesting they may have interest in Lucas Melano of Belgrano de Córdoba. Melano is another talented young forward from Argentina and would be a nice backup plan should TFC miss out on Urruti.

Now this report seems kind of flimsy as Melano is being linked to a potential move this summer but other than this one tweet there seems to be no mention of Toronto FC among the interested clubs. There are a number of sources mentioning River Plate's interest in Melano though and it seems that his club are only going to sell him if River are willing to match the offers they have gotten for the player from Europe. The same would likely be the case for Toronto FC if they really are interested which would mean Melano would not come cheap.

There is not a whole lot to this rumour at this stage so it would be foolish to get ahead of ourselves but until Toronto starts to bring in players it is likely that they will continue to be linked to any number of potential targets as the entire soccer world seems to know that they are in serious need of some reinforcements this transfer window.

As other transfers begin to get wrapped up in South American it should only help to make the list of potential TFC targets more clear. Most transfers depend on other moves happening first like how Toronto had to clear out players to make room for new ones so hopefully the moves going on in South America now open the door for TFC to finalize those big signings that they need so badly right now.