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Toronto FC officially announce Álvaro Rey signing.

Pending his International Transfer Certificate, Álvaro Rey is officially a TFC player.

It's the Copa del Rey. Close enough.
It's the Copa del Rey. Close enough.
David Ramos

Reports came out in Spain yesterday and the players own twitter account pretty much confirmed that the deal was done, but it's often best not to take things for granted with Toronto FC. You can never be certain until you see that picture of him awkwardly holding up the shirt, and well isn't this convenient, that's exactly what TFC have given us. Yes, Álvaro Rey is now officially a TFC player, and doesn't he look happy about it?

That non plussed expression pretty much matches the general reaction to the trade. It's certainly not the type of name that will frighten MLS opposition and given the big talk we've been exposed to recently, it's a bit of a let down. That's not Rey's fault of course, or anyone's fault really, if we were going after 4 or 5 players then obviously some of them were going to be minor, fringe first team players and that's what this seems like. Hopefully other deals are in the works, as if Rey and Mark Bloom or other players of that level are all we end up with then that would be a seriously disappointing window.

As usual, terms weren't released so we'll have to wait until the Union releases the figures to judge if this ends up being a good deal. His record in Spain seems underwhelming when looking at his personal stats and his clubs' records (2 straight relegations from division 2 to 3, can you say winning mentality!), but I'll wait until I can see what he can do on the pitch before passing judgement. here's Kevin Payne doing his best to talk him up;

"He's very technical and quick, and is good at taking on defenders. He offers something different than we typically see in MLS and we think he'll help our team become more dangerous."

If he can be an improvement on Reggie Lambe, I'll take it.

Here's an interview from TFC's website, and for more on Rey, here's our report from yesterday.