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Agent denies Toronto FC deal for Diego Forlan

Reports about Diego Forlan take a step back as his current club and agent deny that any deal is close to being completed for the player. Is it a stall tactic to push for a few more dollars or is the Globe and Mail report jumping the gun?

Forlan not coming to a BMO near you?
Forlan not coming to a BMO near you?
Miguel Tovar

Last night the Globe and Mail put out a report indicating that Diego Forlan was close to signing for Toronto FC and the deal could be finished in the coming days prior to the MLS summer transfer window opening on July 9th. It was followed by the kind of buzz among fans that has not been seen around TFC or BMO Field in quite sometime which was refreshing to see considering it was for an addition that was not even a done deal.

Like all transfer reports, it is never smooth sailing across the finish line and this time the bump in the road comes out of Brazil. Globo Esporte reported this morning that Internacional and Forlan's agent, Jorge Baidek, are denying the player is looking to leave Brazil or that any offer has been made from Toronto FC.

Player's manager, Jorge Baidek negates the desire to Forlan out of Inter, at least until the 2014 World Cup. - He wants to stay at Inter until the 2014 World Cup. After that, he will think about his future - he said. colorada The direction follows the same line Baidek. According to the executive director of the Inter Newton Drummond, the gaucho club was not sought by any representative of the Canadian team. - No one approached us. We are not aware of anything. Speaking in May at Radio 890, Uruguay, Forlan admitted desire to play football in the United States in the future. - I wish, but no offers.

Their denial sounds like what you would expect considering Forlan still hopes to play in the next World Cup for Uruguay and staying in Brazil would give him the best chance of achieving that goal. A move to MLS would probably be bad for his World Cup hopes but as Robbie Keane proves it does not necessarily mean the end of it.

A club or agent denying that any deal is in place is nothing new. When Toronto FC were all but done bringing in Matias Laba his former club, Argentinos Juniors, denied it the whole way right up until he arrived in Toronto. That is how these things often work as until all the dotted lines have been signed clubs involved are going to do everything they can to gain leverage in the deal.

The player also spoke to Brazilian media to deny the move. Here is another report trying to put the brakes on Forlan's big move:

Between the proposal and implementation has a very big step. I said I would like to play in the United States, also in the Middle East. But I have a contract here for another two years. I'm very happy here and I have a contract. Today you know, there are so many websites on the internet to see if the source is right or not - said the Uruguayan.

I never had contact with anyone. Prior to Santa Cruz, told Mexico. Spoke, I was at dinner and started laughing - he said. - But I do not know anything. I have a contract here. Nobody talked to me. I have a contract. I would like to meet, I fulfill the contract with Inter. After Inter can talk not want my service. But I would like to stay at Inter until not only the World Cup, but until the end of the contract.

So there are two ways to take this Brazilian report. First, Internacional and Forlan's agent are looking to get a bigger pay day and are using this as a negotiation tactic to counter the fact that people are reporting it as a done deal. Second, the Globe and Mail report jumped the gun and Toronto FC's interest in the player has not progressed along nearly as far as that report indicated.

Adding in a denial from the player can be taken the same way as those from the club and the agent. If Forlan is told to deny things to the media by his current club then that is what he is going to do. Most players don't just go off on their own to try and force a transfer deal so until things are completed they often follow the party line. So, the same possible situations apply to Forlan's denial that applied to the first report.

Hopefully, it is the former option and we will be seeing Forlan in a TFC shirt soon but until then it would be wise to not start counting our chickens as this story is almost certainly not out of wrinkles yet.