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Toronto FC Sign Swiss Defender Jonas Elmer - Punsters Rejoice!

The big signing we've all been waiting for has been confirmed! What? It's not Diego Forlan? But hey, it is a signing and before the end of the transfer window, so huzzah?

What? Another new left-back. Aww, man.
What? Another new left-back. Aww, man.

Late this afternoon Toronto FC confirmed the signing of Swiss defender, Jonas Elmer (the Safety Elephant - h/t The Yorkies). While the signing of yet another defender may not get TFC fans super excited - or even remotely excited as the team is screaming for scoring options - President Payne had this to say about the newest Red:

"We believe Jonas will be an important part of our club," said Toronto FC President and General Manager Kevin Payne. "While he's still young he has solid European experience and we're pleased to welcome him to Toronto."

Solid European experience...hey, he's young and not a former teammate of Ryan Nelsen, so progress! The left-back (watch your back Ashtone) will sport #3 on his kit, which will make numbers purists (I'm not naming names, but you know who you are) extremely happy.

For more specifics on Elmer and a great discussion you really should check out Dave's piece from Tuesday. But why not hear from the man himself in this video:

It can only be a good thing that he thinks that MLS is fascinating - at least until he spends a few weeks here but until then it's nice to hear some enthusiasm, right? At the moment we don't know if he'll be available for selection this Sunday against the Revolution but expect to see him on the 10th against the Sounders.

With the departure of Darren O'Dea and Ashtone Morgan still seemingly unable to solidify his spot in the S11 - is Elmer going to be the left-back of the future for Toronto? Does this signing make you feel less nervous about TFC's work in this window? Or will only a big-name signing or a striker make you think that Payne and Co. have been even remotely successful? Let us know your thoughts on TFC's newest member!