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Toronto FC vs Seattle Sounders: Game Thread

Live thread, commentary and general nonsense for TFC's game against Seattle.

Will we get the chance for one last celebration at BMO for Brockie?
Will we get the chance for one last celebration at BMO for Brockie?
Stephanie Gunther Photography

Toronto FC vs Seattle Sounders
Bmo Field , 7PM Eastern
Sportsnet One

Tickets are apparently selling like hotcakes for this one, but why? The chance for a rare summer's evening game at BMO Field with a weather forecast that's certainly co-operating? TFC's 2 game win streak bringing the belief back to the naysayers who've been staying away? Nah, it is of course about one player, a striker returning home.

Yes, I am of course talking about Jeremy Brockie. This is the Kiwi Chad Barrett's(09 version) last game at BMO Field as he'll be off back to Wellington before TFC come back here again. There had been talk of trying for a permanent deal that might bring him back next season, but for now, it's the last chance for BMO Field attendees to show their respects for his talent and hard work, if perhaps not his finishing ability. That'll be what's bringing the crowd in, maybe some guy called Clint as well.

Can TFC actually pull off the unexpected and get another result here, stretch the unbeaten streak to 4 games, or even the winning streak to 3? Maybe, stranger things have happened but it's probably for the best that you don't get your hopes up.

For all of our usual preview stuff, know your enemy, how you doin'? and all that, click here for our game hub that has them all clumped together in one handy place, and why not check out Sounder At Heart for the Seattle view of things.

We'll have team news as it hits the twitter, and commentary/random chat/deuce jokes throughout the game, join us.

Come on you Reds!