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Toronto FC @ Columbus Crew: Game Thread

Follow along with live commenting and general nonsense as TFC take on the Crew.

Columbus Crew vs Toronto FC
Crew Stadium, 7pm Eastern
Sportsnet One

It's 8th vs 9th in the East, two poor teams, neither of them with a chance of the playoffs, feel the excitement. There is of course the Trillium Cup at stake and more importantly league position, win today and TFC are within 3 of the Crew, lose and they're 9 points back, a real six pointer. Generally TFC hauling in the Crew to get up to 7th wouldn't really be all that important, but as well as the minor feel good point of finishing ahead of the Crew for the first time ever, it would also help make the draft pick we have to give to Vancouver just that little bit worse, so there's very much a point to this one.

There will of course be an Argentine striker involved with this one, Federico Higuain. As for Urruti, well he's travelled and may or not be playing depending on if all his international transfer stuff comes through or not. If he's good to go, he'll probably be on the bench. I'm actually hoping not to see him, I'm hoping we've got a lead to protect and there'll be no PR sub a la Koevermans vs Philadelphia.

Anyway, for a full preview of the game as well as know your enemy and smarter than winter and all that usual stuff, click here for our game hub. We'll have lineups when they hit twitter, and commentary, chat and all that throughout the game, join us.

Come on you Reds.