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Urruti now expected to arrive in Toronto on Tuesday

The reports surrounding Argentine forward Maximiliano Urruti just won't take the weekend off as a correspondent from the Spanish version of is reporting that the player will arrive in Toronto on Tuesday to sign with the club.

Ryan Nelsen even wishes all these Urruti reports would just calm down for a bit
Ryan Nelsen even wishes all these Urruti reports would just calm down for a bit
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It seems that Toronto FC are closing in on signing Maximiliano Urruti as yet another source has him heading up to Toronto to complete a deal early next week. This time his arrival is not expected until Tuesday which is fine considering Monday is a holiday around these parts.

The source this time is Emmanuel Quispe who is a South American based correspondent for the Spanish language version of Here is what he tweeted on Saturday afternoon:

Now it is still not official confirmation of the deal but it is another fairly reliable source going on record to suggest that it is going to happen in the coming days. As we have learned earlier in this year it is best to wait until you see Urruti inside BMO Field or the KIA Training ground before getting too excited about this. It seemed he was all but signed back in the spring before it all fell apart and as Tal Ben Haim taught us even confirmation from the club does not assure the player will ever step on the field.

It seems like it will be different this time around but until the signing is confirmed by the club and the league this independent confirmations are nothing more than a reason to be hopeful that the deal will get done. Either way if you were planning on heading to the airport on Monday best to come up with your excuse to call in sick for Tuesday and wait until then to camp out at Pearson.