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Toronto FC vs Chicago Fire: Game Thread

What? It's already time for another match? OK, well then join us here for all the fun, OK all the sarcasm and bleakness, for tonight's tilt against our lower table neighbours the Chicago Fire.

Opposing player leaping past Ecks? That never happens.
Opposing player leaping past Ecks? That never happens.

Toronto FC vs Chicago Fire

BMO Field - 7:30pm


It's been two full days since TFC traded a player or fired anyone - a new record has been set! Who knew that when the team headed out to the coast that instead of leaving their troubles behind they'd just bring more back with them. After spending all of TFC's existence (OK, six months) chasing Maxi Urruti they left the newest Red behind in Portland and Brightened up the lineup with a tall, imposing striker (ooh, we could use one of those!) in the form of Bright Dike. Doubtful that he starts tonight but given the way Ryan Nelsen's been talking him up there's a good chance that he gets a second half run out.

The other things really to focus on tonight are how many of the returning Canadian contingent will play - Henry's suspended, Bekker's unlikely to even make the bench but out of Morgan and Osorio who's likely going to be out there? I'd lay bets on Jonathan Osorio to help the sad, sad TFC midfield. And while Ashtone Morgan's been showing improved form of late I wouldn't be surprised to see Jonas Elmer back out there.

With the elements threatening to turn things Toronto's way - they always seem to play better in the rain - the Fire are hoping to rebound from two disappointing losses and get back into the playoff race. Whether leading scorer Mike Macgee plays is still unknown but TFC are facing a highly motivated opponent; while TFC is umm, motivated for the future? Sure, let's go with that. So whether you've decided to brave the oncoming monsoon, are watching safely indoors or are relying on social media to keep you up to date on all the drama (and the game too!), join us here in the comments for all the usual frivolity.