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Canada announce friendly vs Australia in October

The world's worst secret was revealed today as Canada's next opponents were announced. Australia, in England.

The Aussies sure are excited about this one.
The Aussies sure are excited about this one.
Ryan Pierse

I'm not sure how long we've all known about it, but the CSA is finally confident enough to make it official. Benito Floro's next CANMNT camp will be centred on a game against Australia.  The game will take place at Craven Cottage, home of Fulham and one of my favourite EPL grounds, in London, on October 15th. It's at 3pm eastern time, and that's the day after Thanksgiving, so who can say extra long weekend and viewing party somewhere? There's no broadcast details yet, and given there's World Cup Qualifiers on that day, I Imagine Sportsnet will have their TV channels full but you've got to think there'd be at least a stream available.

Again given the World Cup qualifiers, with England at home against Poland the same day, I can't imagine it's going to be something that will attract many English football fans, so instead it may be a good way to see if there's more Canadian or Australian immigrants/temporary workers in London.

As for which players may be involved, the training camp being in Europe suggests it would be more for the European based players. Will MLS players be available, what with it being an international date, with the US playing on the 11th and the 15th?  Yes and no, a few teams are playing that weekend or midweek, Montreal play the Saturday and the Wednesday, D.C and Portland also have games, so that's a few players who may well have to give it a miss.  TFC? It's not like their games are all that important anyway, but they do have that weekend off so the usual suspects, Osorio, Henry, Morgan, Bekker could make there way out there without it impacting TFC at all.

It's a good opponent for the CSA to have lined up, clearly better than Canada, but not to such an extent that a competitive match is out of the question. If the games against Mauritania gave an insight into how well Canada could breakdown a (I should put the word theoretically in here shouldn't I?) weaker opponent, then this can show how they can do against a better team, there's plenty of unknowns right now, mainly the strength of the side both teams will put out, but this should provide a decent measuring stick. Barring a blowout, there should be less hand wringing from fans if the result is more of the same of what we've seen so far this year, but really the result doesn't matter, it's another chance for Floro to assess his squad, in training and in a different match situation than his first two games in charge. That's always helpful.