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Toronto FC making another Major Announcement Friday morning

It seems that Toronto FC has about as many major announcements as league wins in their history so it should surprise no one that they have scheduled another one for Friday morning. The word of a major announcement coming has launched a wave of speculation.

These guys are thrilled about another major announcement!
These guys are thrilled about another major announcement!
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

Toronto FC sure do love to make a major announcement and to be fair they have had a number of them over the years. Between coaching changes, fired front office staff, to everyone's favourite the meaningless midseason friendly they have kept fans busy with such press conferences.

In almost every single case the word of what the announcement will contain winds up hitting the news long before the actual announcement takes place. That has not been the case thus far which has left plenty of room for speculation about what the club will be announcing on Friday morning.

The most logical assumption for what the announcement could be is that the club has already managed to narrow down their search for a new General Manager and are set to make a new hiring public. MLSE boss Tim Leiweke was clear that after Kevin Payne was fired he would move quickly to find a replacement so it would make sense for the announcement to be about filling that role with the club.

The major announcement will take place at BMO Field tomorrow morning at 10 AM with an interview and a photo-op to follow which suggests that the announcement will have to do with a person and that person will be present Friday morning. The new hiring will be joined by Leiweke and Ryan Nelsen which is a good indicator that this time it will not be yet another coaches firing press conference.

So if the most likely subject for the announcement is that the club has found a new General Manager to fill the void left by Payne's departure. The problem is that other than Garth Lagerway there has been a surprising lack of names linked to the job in recent weeks. Considering TFC have struggled to keep any of their transfer dealings out of the media it is a surprise that their potential GM candidates have not somehow been leaked out to the public.

The problem is that ever since Lagerwey was initially linked to the vacant position at TFC the denials have come clear and quickly. Even with New York City FC reportedly chasing RSL's Jason Kreis to be their first head coach it seems unlikely that Lagerway will leave RSL with a year remaining on his contract.

So if it is not Lagerway that leaves plenty of room for speculation about just what Toronto FC have in store for us on Friday morning. That of course means that twitter has struck with the always fun #TFCMajorAnnouncement. Here are a few that made me laugh:

I am sure there are many more but by now you probably get the point. So with no news yet about what the announcement will be let the speculation continue and leave us your best guessing in the comments.