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TFC Major Announcement: The Live Thread!

What's that you say? You were just hoping for a week to relax and not have to deal with any announcements - major, special, etc - from TFC? Sorry 'bout that - here in TFCLand you're not allowed a moment to reflect or forget, depending on your level of apathy. Get ready for another TFC Major Announcement!

Guys! Guys! Have I got a GM - sorry, capologist - for you!
Guys! Guys! Have I got a GM - sorry, capologist - for you!
Harry How

In true TFC fashion this morning's Major Announcement is no longer a secret or a surprise.  Word spread very quickly throughout Twitter last night that the big announcement is the reveal of Toronto's newest GM.  And who is that GM you ask? Why it's Tim Bezbatchenko! *crickets*.  Surely you know Tim (I'm going to call him Bez) - young guy, no experience, was in another job until well, today - why is this all sounding very familiar...

You know that we love nothing more than to have a live thread for these very special - sorry major - announcements so click on the link below at 10am and join us in the comments for all the fun. We're still having fun, right? Besides, this time it's going to work! Really.  Guys? Where'd you go?  Guys?