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Jonathan Osorio suspended two games

Jonathan Osorio has been hit with a two game suspension for the incident involving the midfielder and Kosuke Kimura in the game between Toronto FC and the New York Red Bulls.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The MLS Disciplinary Committee sure take their time making decisions but after nearly a week they have brought the hammer down following a number of incidents in the match between Toronto FC and the New York Red Bulls.  Jonathan Osorio will bear the brunt of their wrath as he was hit with a two game suspension for his actions.  The committee also fined Dax McCarty and Jamison Olave for their actions in the game.

Here is the official release on Osorio's suspension from MLS:

The MLS Disciplinary Committee announced Friday that Toronto FC midfielder Jonathan Osorio has been suspended for two games following a Sept. 14 incident in the 77th minute against the New York Red Bulls in which his clearance attempt endangered the safety of an opponent.

Osorio's clearance connected directly with the side of Red Bulls defender Kosuke Kimura's head at close range. (See the video above.) No card was issued after the incident. Osorio will miss Toronto's game Saturday against Sporting Kansas City and next week's matchup with D.C. United.

Having the midfielder out for the next two games is a big blow for a Toronto FC team that already struggles to create chances and score goals.  They could be boosted by the return of Danny Koevermans this weekend but even with that the options for attacking midfielders look to be very limited.

Considering the very mixed reactions when the incident first happened it comes as no surprise that the suspension is also being greeted with mixed reactions.  Considering that Osorio is a first time offender a two game ban does seem to be on the harsh side of things.

What are your two cents on Osorio being hit with a two-game ban nearly a week after the incident actually happened?