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Toronto FC vs Sporting Kansas City: Game Thread

Follow along here as TFC take on SKC.

Will Koevermans be back in action today?
Will Koevermans be back in action today?
G. Newman Lowrance

BMO Field, 4pm Eastern
Sportsnet One

The beginning of the Bezbtahcneko era. Can TFC make it an auspicious one? probably not, it's still the same old same old out there on the pitch, less than that even, what with Jonathan Osorio getting the worst TFC result at a disco since the Escobar 3.

In the reasons to keep watching file, his absence might mean minutes for Kyle Bekker, that'd be interesting, and there might well be multiple DK sightings up front, Bright Dike must be getting closer to full fitness you'd think after a couple of sub run outs, and the possibility of Danny Koevermans making an appearance was teased out there by TFC yesterday.

Also, hey it's raining, of course it is. TFC always do better in the rain, though sadly enough these days that means, we might score a goal and get a point, such are the new standards of 'doing better'.

Anyway, for a fuller preview, check out our game hub here for all the usuals. We'll have team news whenever Asif's replacement gets around to putting it on twitter, and commentary and nonsense as the game proceeds. Join us.