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Toronto FC vs DC United: Game Thread

Follow all the action as TFC take on DC United.

Great moments of TFC vs DCU past. Julius James celebrates. Mo and Preki start packing.
Great moments of TFC vs DCU past. Julius James celebrates. Mo and Preki start packing.

Toronto FC vs DC United
BMO Field, 1 PM Eastern

But it doesn't stop, does it? there's still a month left, 4 more games to suffer through, and to make it feel even more like punishment, we're being dragged out of bed early to be at BMO Field for 1pm. Yay. This one promises to be a classic, the teams have a combined 15 game winless streak going, a combined 7 wins in 59 games, 6 in 55 if you take out the two games they played against each other. DC don't even care, they've got the US Open Cup final to look forward to midweek so won't be putting out their best team. But hey, who cares about the quality, this is probably TFC's only realistic chance for a win to overtake last year's points total, equal last year's win total, and to avoid a season ending 12 game winless streak, so yay to that. Or maybe not, the last 4 of these fixtures, over 3 seasons have seen DC win all 4, 7-0 on aggregate, with 2 of TFC's worst ever games in there, so who really knows what to expect. One thing we do know, it'll be Jimmy Brennan taking over Ryan Nelsen's position, a coach's fashion choices are always heavily scrutinised, what will he go with, suit, tracksuit, the always controversial shorts option? So much excitement.

Anyway, click here for all our usual pre game stuff, and join us here as the game progresses. We'll have team news when it hits twitter and updates throughout the game. Come for the commentary, stay for the nonsense. It'll be thrilling.