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Toronto FC 4:1 DC United. A meaningless but pleasant change.

TFC win! TFC win! TFC win!

Calm down Alvaro, calm down.
Calm down Alvaro, calm down.
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was fun.

Of course given the lineup DC put out, the worst team in the league going with a B- team, Ben Olsen setting them up to fail as he admitted post game, it's best not to look too hard at this one.  This result was about as meaningful, and tells us as much about either team's respective futures as the last game at BMO Field that ended 4-1, that Roma friendly.

That might actually be a bit harsh, there's a certain amount of meaning to the result, 3 points are 3 points, DC's magic number to clinch last place is now down to 2, and TFC pulled even with Chivas for the 17th spot for now. Also, as much as we can look down on the lack of quality in DC's team, very few people were predicting any kind of blowout before the game, and really when DC took the lead were you surprised, or did you genuinely think there was a good chance TFC might actually lose? I did.

So congrats on the comeback and thanks for the second half fun, and it was kind of fun, the whole thing played out like a mismatch friendly, but with TFC this time playing the role of the big club.

It started with the big club playing kind of lazily, falling down to the level of their opponents, and the first 20 minutes or so were absolutely desperate stuff. Passes straight out of touch, players slipping on the grass, horrible touches, poor tackles, this was the proverbial 'poor advert for the game', exemplified when shortly after DC took the lead (nice strike but where was the pressure from the defenders, awful stuff.) Bright "carnage" Dike intercepted a horribly short pass from one defender to another, and burst past the defender, only to then fall over before he could get a cross in.

TFC equalised fairly quickly after going behind, Darel Russell taking advantage of more criminal defending, alone for an age on the edge of the 6 yard box to volley the ball in, and after that TFC did seem to wake up and play to their usual level, generally not that good, but definitely good enough to beat this DC team. There were some genuinely good moves, and bits of skill, most of which seemed to revolve around Alvaro Rey on either wing (even in this game there was precious little happening down the middle). It was good to see him score, though the first (TFC's 3rd)  was clearly an own goal, and equally good to see Bright Dike get on the scoresheet, though sadly the rest of the team engulfed him too quickly so he couldn't do his flippy celebration thing.

The most amusing part of the result is of course that with Ryan Nelsen returning to his bench duties next week, Jim Brennan now has a 100% record as head coach, that's got to be worth a star above his shirt on the wall of honour or something.

So, this game proves nothing and we really shouldn't read too much into anything at all, but it was a nice day out, a win, first in 9 games, 4 goals, as many as they'd scored in the last 6 games, hell even the sun was out, the whole thing made for a pleasant change. That's all, for now, and for one day at least, that's enough.