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Tim Leiweke's letter to season seat holders.

A letter was emailed to season ticket holders this evening, promising another price freeze for next year, as well as repeating the fact that no-one has to really make any commitment until January. Here's the letter in full.

Announced attendance?  A sellout of course! will you be back?
Announced attendance? A sellout of course! will you be back?
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

Dear Duncan,

When I first joined Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment three months ago, our first priority was to bring a championship culture to the organization and all its teams, but Toronto FC was going to be one of our most important projects.

MLS Soccer is very near and dear to my heart, and in more than ten years with the L.A. Galaxy, I saw first-hand what it takes to build a championship team in this league. We want more than anything to reward your support of Toronto FC with a winning team, and as a result, we had to make some hard decisions yesterday to begin that process.

Kevin Payne and I go back many years and I have great respect for him as both a person and as a MLS General Manager. He and I mutually agreed that TFC would go in a different direction in our mission to build a winning team here in Toronto. We understand that there have been too many management changes with Toronto FC over the years, and as a fan, that turnover had to be frustrating. We thought long and hard about the impact of yet another change, but the bottom line was that not making a change was going to be even more frustrating for you.

Understanding the impact of this change on you, we decided to hold the prices flat and delay the TFC season seat renewal process until January so that you can see our vision for the team, evaluate the moves we make this off-season for yourself, and then decide to be a part of TFC again for the 2014 season. You deserve that respect and we want you to know that delivering on our promise to you for this team's future is paramount.

In October we'll be following up and simply asking if you'd like to hold your seat location for 2014 at the same price as this season and without any financial commitment until the New Year. This information will enable us to conduct our annual seat relocation process and help us move people into seats that best suit their needs.

When Toronto FC joined Major League Soccer, you created an environment here that was the envy of the League. We know that you want to support this team and we want to build a team here that restores the excitement.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to making Toronto FC a team that you can be proud of.

Yours truly,

Tim signature

Tim Leiweke

President & CEO
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment