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Toronto FC vs Portland Timbers: Game Thread

Follow all the action as TFC get away from the backroom intrigue and back to playing the games, this time a late late game in Portland.

That can't be legal. Poor Quincy
That can't be legal. Poor Quincy

Jeld-Wen Field 11pm(!) Eastern

And so the next chapter of football's greatest tragi-comic soap opera begins. Will finally being Payne Free lead to improved performance? Probably not, at least not tonight anyway. Given all the injuries and international absences, tonight could be a sloppy one, quite possibly from both teams as Portland have the same issues. At least we should be able to see what Jonas Elmer's all about, and maybe Alvaro Rey and Maximiliano Urruti can get a bit more action and prove the old man did know what he was doing and wasn't going in the wrong direction after all. Maybe Joe Bendik will be fired up to prove to Portland they were wrong to let him go in that Ryan Johnson, Milos Kocic trade. Talking of Kocic, I really like the guy, but I'm hoping he can do us a solid with one of those gaffes he occasionally produced. Shoot low and follow in for the rebound boys.

I dunno, pick your own reason for watching really, even if that reason has more to do with some morbid sense of obligation rather than expectation. That's what's keeping me going right now. For the usual full slate of preview material, check out our Game Hub right here.

We'll have team news when it hits twitter, maybe random chat on the Vancouver game beforehand, and the usual comments and nonsense throughout the game. Stay up late and join us.