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Jermain Defoe and Michael Bradley Presser. The bloody big live thread.

After all the rumours, all the 'it's done's (say Kurt, did you have one of those reports, you really should give yourself more credit you know), and all the reports that brought it ever closer to official, Mr Leiweke finally gets his big moment. Jermain Defoe's here, we know that much, is Michael Bradley here too? Follow along here throughout the day.

Alright everybody. Get yourself a drink, sit down, take a big sip and let's see what happens shall we. This one isn't happening in Bmo Field's hall closet of a press room, or even Gilberto style at the ACC. Nope they've gone all out and are making the press mingle with the unwashed masses at Real Sports. And it'll be live on Sportsnet AND TSN (though really, that just means they're not showing the 17th repeat of their previous day highlight show, so you know, whatevs.)

So yeah, it's a big show they're putting on, and why not? Even if all we get paraded today is Jermain Defoe, that's pretty, pretty good. Might Michael Bradley also be officially announced, thus justifying the spit take hoopla (or at least if that one hadn't slippedout as well.)

It is of course merely a big deal for TFC, not for Jermain Defoe who's apparently committed career suicide for the sake of the filthy lucre by joining TFC circa May 2013! I doubt that's the case, but much like what Michael Bradley's move means for the US, who really cares what it means for England, if what Daniel Taylor thinks is right, that MLS is a backwoods league that is no way worthy of someone like him, then Defoe's guaranteed to 'tear the league a new one' as the saying goes, so that'll be fun.

Here's where this really becomes Tim Leiweke's Toronto FC, we might not have success this year, but we're definitely going to have a show. Here's how we got to this point with Defoe. I'll be live threading this from my couch, with Dave chipping in here and there live from Real Sports itself, so join us, though really Andrew Wiedeman's already got best tweet of the modern era sewn up, so really, whay are we trying?