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Toronto FC tease their new away kit

It may have been a mistake but Toronto FC have offered the first taste of what their new away kit for the 2014 season will look like. The big news being that it will be grey!

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Toronto FC are set to launch a new away kit for the 2014 season. It will replace their current white kit which was the end result of a fan competition. The kit will not launch until closer to the season when MLS once again holds what it likes to call jersey week.

The big surprise this year is that Toronto FC are going to make use of another element of their colour pallet. They have used red and white prominently through the first seven years and even used light grey for a few seasons but now they look set to head in another direction.

The idea that TFC could wear grey this season first came from their own twitter account when they posted a photo of Michael Bradley wearing shorts and socks that did not match the home kit that he had on.

The initial reaction to the photo on twitter seemed to be quite positive with many people liking the idea of TFC wearing a dark grey away kit with red accents. In the corner of that photo you can also see the sleeve of another jersey hanging off to the side. It appears to be the new kit as the MLS patch appears to be on a grey portion which is not the case on the current kit.

TFC going with a combination of grey and red is a nice change but what many, myself included, will be wondering is just what sort of unneeded embossing they will include in the shirt. It would be great if they could resist covering the shirt in maple leaves but based on last year's home kit release that may be asking too much. A few less leaves would be a nice change though to go with the nice change in colour.

What are your thoughts on TFC going with a dark grey kit for their alternate in 2014?