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MLS SuperDraft 2014: SuperLive SuperThread

Well, I guess if you can't sign yourself some international superstars, you might as well try getting some players through the draft. Follow all the SuperDraft action here.

Eryin Wandel

With the 15th pick, Toronto FC select....Jermain Defoe and Michael Bradley, bitches! *drop mic, walk away*.

Yes, today feels a wee bit anti-climactic after Monday's extravagances, especially when compared to last year when TFC had the 1st and 3rd picks to play with. But still, it's not to say there isn't some SuperExcitement to be had today. There's the potential for trade action, Seattle and Chicago, DC and Philly, and Columbus and L.A. all making moves recently. Also, with this taking place in Philadelphia and it seeming like MLS is blocking the Union's efforts to throw large amounts of money at Mo Edu, the reception Don Garber gets from the fans in attendance will probably be worth tuning in for all on it's own.

For TFC, this is the Hassli-Convey Memorial SuperDraft. They don't have their own reward for last year's sucking as that 3rd pick went to Vancouver for Hassli, but he did bring a 2nd round pick, 24th overall, which they got from Dallas. Thanks to Bobby Convey, we do have a 1st round pick, 15th overall, though they don't have either a 2nd round pick, 22nd overall sent to New York with Convey, or a 3rd round pick (On the 21st, and no, that's not the first round of the supplemental draft any more, it's now the SuperDraft 3rd round. why? who knows?) 41st overall sent to Kansas City when they picked up Convey last year. 4th round, TFC actually has their own pick and that's it. Still with me? Don't worry, there'll probably be other changes before they're done.

What with TFC not picking until 15th, we haven't been focusing on the draft as much as we did for last year's, but here's a few articles to give you an idea of some names to look out for, Dave look at this year's GA class, the Canadians who are likely to get picked at some point, what all the mock drafts have predicted for Toronto, and TFC's undistinguished draft history.

The draft is televised on TSN2, starting at 12 with the televised bit set for 3 hours, which is probably about right if last year serves as an accurate guide. We'll be here updating stuff throughout the day and Dave will also be bringing you all the details of whichever lucky draftees will follow in the footsteps of Kyle Bekker and Emery Welshman to surefire SuperStardom. So join us here for all the trades, picks, rumours and unnecessary capitalisation you can shake a stick at. It'll be Super!