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SuperDraft shopping list for final two rounds

The final two rounds of the 2014 MLS SuperDraft go on Tuesday afternoon via league wide conference call. There are still some interest names left out there even though Toronto FC currently only hold the 60th pick.

Back to the draft table of Tuesday just without all the glitz and glamour of last week
Back to the draft table of Tuesday just without all the glitz and glamour of last week
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The first 38 picks of the 2014 MLS SuperDraft are in the books having taken place in Philadelphia last week.  The final 38 picks are set to be made on Tuesday afternoon via a league wide conference call.  There are a number of interesting prospects still out there for teams looking to find a late round gem but it may be tricky for Toronto FC who currently only hold the 60th pick having traded away their 3rd round pick in Bobby Convey deal as well as the Chicago Fire's 3rd round pick for Chris Konopka.

Even with that one pick in Tuesday's rounds of the draft there are a few names that could make for interesting targets for TFC.  Most players left on the board would be considered long-shots but here are a few names that might be worth keeping an eye on as potential late round steals.

Joey Dillon - Defensive Midfielder- Georgetown: He apparently had a very rough combine and was exposed for a lack of athleticism in the middle of the park but a few bad days can not erase his four year body of work in college.  He was the anchor of a strong Georgetown defence for four years and reads the game very well but can that make up for his lack of top end mobility?  He might be worth a look for a club needing depth in the middle of the park just to see if he can make the adjustment.

Fifi Baiden - Defensive Midfielder - UC Santa Barbara: Another strong defensive midfielder in college who did not turn in the best combine performance which may have cost him a spot in the opening day of the draft.  Problem is that even if Baiden has the grit and athleticism needed to make the jump to MLS he is not enough of a lock to be worth teams spending an international slot on him unless they see something special there.

AJ Corrado - Left Midfielder - Indiana: A solid player who is capable of working on the wing and cutting inside when the space is there to do so.  He brings a lot of skills to the table and was well groomed at Indiana but the issue with Corrado is that nothing about him jumps out and catching your eyes.  Without high end athleticism or superior passing he may struggle to make the jump to MLS.

Aodham Quinn - Left Midfielder - Akron: Another player out of the talent factory that was Caleb Porter's Akron program but not a lock to succeed at the next level by any means.  He has the raw abilities that you would look for and did well in Akron's system but he lacks the polish to do well if he has to adjust to a new role.  He could work on the left side of a diamond midfield but pushing him out wider might be asking too much of his passing abilities.

Nikita Kotlov - Wide Midfielder - Indiana: When he managed to assert himself on a game he was a force to be reckoned with in the college game.  Kotlov was a big part of Indiana's national championship back in 2012 with his ability to cause problems when he gets the ball on the wing.  He has the pace and skill to take on defenders one-on-one and can be a game changer.  Is he consistent enough to merit playing time in MLS?  His senior season certainly raised concerns that he is not.

Luca Gimenez - Right Midfielder - Wake Forest: Biggest drawback on Gimenez is that he is an international and is a bit inconsistent.  He is capable of showing good speed over short distances and has the skills to beat his man one-on-one but does not do it on a regular basis.  He will need to be a lot more willing to get back and defend to stick around in MLS though.

Fabio Pereira - Right Midfielder - Michigan: Another international who brings some impressive skills to the table but might lack the defensive commitment to be a wide player in MLS.  He can play on either wing but often finds himself drifting around the field waiting for plays to develop for him rather than making things happen.  His delivery of set pieces is certainly a big plus in his favour though.

Sunny Jane - Right Midfielder - Maryland: A lot of quality players come out of Maryland on a regular basis and most of them are MLS ready.  Jane may not be quite on that level but he is still quite dangerous on the dribble and caused a lot of problems on the wing for defenders in college.  If he can be consistent in MLS he is the kind of player who can change games coming off the bench but may not have enough tricks in his bag to get it done for the full 90 once defenders adjust to him.

Alex Sweetin - Central Attacking Midfielder - St. Louis University: He sees the game better than the normal player coming out of NCAA and as a result he can pull off some impressive passing plays.  He was a force in the middle of the field with that vision and his strong passing ability.  He also proved to be quite willing to take on defenders.  The big concern is that he probably could not handle the physical play in the middle of the field in MLS due to his small frame there are also so question marks about his defensive ability.  Given the right role with freedom to focus on attacking he could be a nice playmaker for an MLS team willing to groom him.

Mackenzie Pridham - Forward - Cal Poly: Can he score goals in MLS?  That seems to be the big question mark on Pridham because he certainly proved that he could score in a variety of ways during his four years at Cal Poly.  He is strong on the ball, quick enough to bit defenders and make some space for himself, and has the strength to battle against CBs in MLS.  Could learn to be a hold up man in MLS with that size and strength using that turn of pace to get shots off when the chance is there.  Doing it against college defenders in a lesser conference is not the same as doing it in MLS but the Canadian should not be on the board that much longer.