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Canada could face Spain in a World Cup warmup in Washington DC

Spain are heading to the United States for their training camp leading up to the World Cup this summer. Marca are reporting that they could take on Canada in Washington DC in June as part of their preparations.

Canadian Soccer Association by Tauber

In 2013, the Canadian Men's National Team showed that they were not shy of taking on high ranked opposition.  It led to some poor showings but it seems that new Head Coach Benito Floro sees some value in testing the team against the strongest opposition possible.

That trend looks to continue in 2014 with Canada possibly lining up a number of friendlies against teams that we be training in North America during the lead-up to the World Cup this summer.  The first big name linked to a match against Canada might just be the biggest of them all.

The initial report from MARCA indicates that Spain will begin their preparations in Spain before coming over to Washington DC on June 2nd.  Their camp in DC will run until June 8th, when they leave for Brazil, and will include a friendly at RFK Stadium.

It is not clear yet who the opposition for Spain will be but a match against Canada would make sense for both parties.  Canada would be able to put together a team to meet them in DC without much struggle and though Canada are not on the same level as many of the teams Spain will face in the World Cup they should at least put up a defensive test.

The friendly also makes sense when you consider the connections that Benito Floro brings between the two countries.  He remains a well known figure in Spain and would be well connected with the people in power there which could help such a game come to pass.

For Canadian fans this would be a fun game to watch but it would certainly come with the fear of it getting ugly.  The good news is that Spain do not have a history of lopsided score lines in recent years other than that 10-0 win over Tahiti at the Confederations Cup.  They win their games and ofter score three or four goals but they have rarely run up the score in friendlies.

The Canadian players would be in for a big test which would be good for the team.  It would also benefit the young players to get the chance to see what it would be like to go up against a team that has the quality required to win the World Cup.  Playing a team like Spain would be a clear lesson in just how much work needs to be done for Canada to get anywhere near that level.

If Canada do take on Spain this June would you consider making the trip down to RFK Stadium for the game?