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Toronto FC Major Announcement - TFC Welcome Back DeRo

There was a boy from Scarborough...Today is the day folks - today we welcome back TFC's prodigal son; yep, it's DeRo Day!

Mitchell Tierney

Today is the first of what will (likely) be three big announcements in the coming days as hometown hero (to most), Dwayne De Rosario's return to Toronto FC is announced this afternoon at 1pm.  Although it's been known to be a done deal for days now there still needs to be the formal presser with the media and the usual live stream to all the fun.

Whether or not this is a good thing for the team or for Dwayne De Rosario himself will be told on the pitch - but you can't discount the sense of 'unfinished business' that hangs over him.  We as fans can only hope that the desire to shine in front of the hometown fans and end his career on a high note in Toronto bring us the 'good' DeRo.  And of course DeRo himself is gambling that the club has indeed turned a corner and is no longer the toxic, dysfunctional club we've all known and loathed for many of the past 7 years.

Toronto's all-time leading scorer (yes, still), DeRo is coming back on much less money than he's made previously and in a reduced role on the field - there's no guarantee that he'll even start on a regular basis.  But DeRo is a talented player and can potentially contribute both on and off the field and help take TFC to the next level - i.e.,not being terrible.

"Dwayne's resume speaks for itself. The addition of an MLS veteran with regular season and MLS Cup MVP honours brings a significant piece to the team we are building here at Toronto FC. Dwayne's impact will add considerable skill and depth to our squad and we look forward to having him serve as a mentor to our younger players," said Toronto FC General Manager Tim Bezbatchenko. "Dwayne has had a tremendous MLS and National Team career. He has very strong ties to the team and the city and it is only fitting that this is how his story should unfold."

So join us here for all the live stream commentary goodness at 1pm.  And in the meantime hear from the man himself: