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AS Roma confirm Michael Bradley sale to MLS

AS Roma have posted an announcement on their website confirming that Michael Bradley has been sold to MLS. His final destination is almost certainly Toronto FC.

I just got paid!
I just got paid!
Giuseppe Bellini

AS Roma have officially announced the sale of Michael Bradley to MLS with Toronto FC being the likely destination.  The club posted the following statement on their official website under the heading "Michael Bradley":

"L'A.S. Roma S.p.A. rende noto di aver sottoscritto con la Major League Soccer (MLS), il contratto per la cessione a titolo definitivo dei diritti alle prestazioni sportive del calciatore Bradley, a fronte di un corrispettivo di 10 milioni di dollari. "

When translated into English the report simply confirms that Roma have completed a deal for 10 million dollars.  The deal is for the outright sale of the player to Major League Soccer.

With MLS being the buyer in the deal this does not confirm his final destination but it is almost certainly Toronto FC who have been closely linked to the player in recent days.  The $10 million dollar fee attached to the deal is certainly a big one for MLS as it sets the move up to be one of the most expensive in league history.

It remains to be seen just who will be paying that transfer fee as it could be covered by MLS like it was when the Seattle Sounders brought in Clint Dempsey.  That would just leave TFC on the hook for what will likely be a very large salary for Bradley.