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Going through the revolving door. A blogicide note.

It's been a fun ride, but I'm stepping down as manager of Waking the Red. Mitchell's taking over.

Time to sit back and drink the beer.
Time to sit back and drink the beer.

It's been over 4 years since I started blogging about this wretched club, over 3 1/2 years, almost 4 full seasons, 4 coaches, 4 gms and god knows how many players since I started here at Waking the Red. I took a break at about this time last year, hoping some time away would refresh me and let me keep going. For a while it did, but for a few months now I've been feeling the same way again about running a blog. Tired and unable to really do it justice. Not so much about the team sucking, they're always interesting, you rarely struggle for ideas with them, just about the energy needed to keep going with a blog like this.

One of the best things about being a part of SB Nation's network, if you're in the right frame of mind, is the amount of new stuff you get exposed to and can do, whether it's ideas coming from other writers, or new tools from the nerds to make things easier or look better. For a long time now I've seen all this not as interesting fun things to explore, maybe use, maybe disregard, but instead as just yet more things poking away at my tiredness, shaking their heads at my lack of action, making me feel even more tired and behind. All of which is really not good for a blog that relies more on enthusiasm than renumeration. Our coverage around games has remained second to none which I'm very proud of, but the extra stuff, midweek news and extra tactical or statistical analysis has fallen off quite a bit this year and I'll take full blame for that stagnation. I really should have recognised the signs at the end of last year and done this then rather than try and hang on a little longer.

Anyway, new blood and fresh enthusiasm is on it's way, as Mitchell will be taking over management of the blog, so will hopefully maintain what's good about this place and add to that with whatever new ideas and direction he can bring to it.

As for me, I'll still be doing the podcast, which I'm still enjoying and enthused by. I'll still be here for the next week or so until the end of the season and probably a post mortem article or two, but once the season is done, I'll be taking a break from writing, though it's something I'm hoping to get back into one way or another, on my own terms. For now though I need to get out from the sense of obligation and compulsion that I'll just keep putting on myself if I were to stay on as manager here.

As Edith Piaf says, Je ne regrette rien, I've enjoyed my time here more than I haven't, and I'm proud of what's become of this from it's humble beginnings way back when. More importantly I've made some good friends through this, online, real life or both.

There are way too many people to thank here, I'll try and do that individually in the near future, whether by email, twitter or in person (I'll be engaging in pre, mid and post game drinking on saturday, so can hopefully see plenty of people then.) I will single out those others who've contributed here over the years to help build it up, those still around, Dave, Kristin, James, Mitchell, Adriano, Anthony, Martin, David on Facebook, Sairah for the stats that have gone criminally underused this season, sorry about that. Also, those who've moved on, Keaton, John, Michael, Armen. Also of course Jeremiah and everyone at SB Nation for the opportunity and support over the years. Most importantly, I'll give one collective thanks here to you, dear reader, yes YOU! I've always appreciated those who took the time to read, and especially those who joined in the comments section here. SB nation labels it's sites as 'communities' rather than blogs, which I've always kind of rolled my cynical eyes at, but that's what I feel like this has become. The comments almost always add something more to the original articles, humour, insight, different viewpoints, whatever really, and it's always had a remarkable blend of liveliness and politeness that most people would say just doesn't exist in comments sections.  Never read the comments? I'll always read the comments here, and if nothing else in the future, I'll be around and contributing there.

It's time for me to sign my non disclosure agreement and take my trip through the revolving door, but I'm confident WTR will do just fine without me and go from strength to strength from here as a place where, independent of the club or specific supporter group affiliations, people can come to read about and more importantly talk about TFC.