Gilberto? Henry? Bueller?

Come on Gil. Let's get you out of here. - Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

This is going to be quick, and probably painful. Some rumors via Duane Rollins on twitter.

Re: Doneil Henry...

I'm not on twitter, so thanks for Sven87 for pointing this out.

Personally, I'm not sure what to think about these moves if they come to fruition. If Gilberto's gone, we are losing a good player with a good hard work ethic. But if we buy another DP in his place, perhaps we will get one that can score some tap ins that Gilberto just can't seem to handle.

Henry I'm even more conflicted. I probably cursed him by finally putting his name on a jersey since I thought he was a sure thing to stay around. Yes, I did buy that jersey right before the collapse happened this season. I think Doneil leaving would definitely be bad for the team, and it's a big swing for his career. He could strike out and kill his career by being stuck to the bench, and bounce around team to team in Europe. Or he could connect and hit a home run and really be a solid player on a good to very good team. He has all the potential to one day play on a Europa type level team if you ask me, but he's not there yet for sure.

So, thoughts?