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Toronto FC vs Montreal Impact: Game Thread

Follow along here as TFC desperately try to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Martin Bazyl

Toronto FC vs Montreal Impact
BMO Field, 2pm Eastern

Remember last year, the last home game, where we all gleefully looked forward to being able to kill off Montreal's rapidly fading playoff hopes? Remember back in August in Montreal when the away fans gleefully sang 'last place, last place, last place last place last place, montreal, montreal, you're the worst team in the league!'?  Good times, now here's karma.

Yes, Montreal have the chance to kill off TFC's rapidly fading playoff hopes this year, and with a larger than usual contingent of fans in place to enjoy it and revel in our misfortune.

Can that be avoided? Can TFC get the win they need to keep hopes alive for another day until Columbus play New York? Maybe. Montreal aren't all that good, and though they've been better than TFC recently, a lot of that has been down to Piatti and di Vaio and check out this tweet.

OMG! we can totally do this!

Of course TFC is without it's own stars. Michael Bradley went out of his way to get himself a yellow card, check out the replay, took him 25 seconds to decide to badger the ref, then he still had to go back for a 2nd go before he got the yellow) and thus a suspension last week, while Jermain Defoe's groin/abdomen/hamstring/spine/guts/bollocks/whatever are apparently sore so he'll be out as well. Hagglund's out as well after his red card last week.

That probably means we'll get to see Gilberto up front and Doneil Henry in defence, and if you believe the rumour mill, then be prepared to say goodbye to both of them as it could be their last home game.

Oh yeah, after some gorgeous weather recently, it's supposed to be cold and rainy again. awesome.

Anyway, I'm grumpy, and frankly at this point I'd rather they fail tomorrow so this doesn't get dragged out for another week and I can boo them as thoroughly as I want to. For further pre game reading and listening, check out our storystream here for all the usual preview stuff.  We'll have team news when it hits twitter and comments through the game.