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Waking The Red's Next Chapter: How You Can Help Write It

The site is undergoing some minor changes. But with change comes to opportunity to reassess and sometimes improve. Please take this opportunity to help us do that.

As you may or may not have heard, Duncan Fletcher is taking a step back from Waking the Red after several years at the helm. In true Toronto FC fashion, we have replaced him with a New Zealand international who may or may not have coaching credentials but clearly has great leadership qualities. Okay, that's certainly a bit of a stretch. Kevin Payne doesn't make the decisions behind this blog, thank goodness for that.

I am also not from New Zealand, sadly (?), but the part about this all being a bit of a learning curve for me is certainly true. If you see anything odd pop up on the site over the next couple of weeks, like any headlines suggesting Toronto FC won a game or something absurd like that, just attribute it to me learning how all of these fancy new tools I have been given work. No I am not talking about Alvaro Rey when I said "fancy tool", who would even mention such a thing...

If any of you have any further questions about who I am, or the direction I will be taking the site in then feel free to let me know in the comments section. Unless you want to know what my favourite movie is, in which case I will tell you right here: it's Gladiator.

Also to that one guy who read the comments on Duncan's departure and thought this site would actually turn into a Spanish dating site, that was always a pipedream, and I apologize for not coming through for the both of us.

To business, how the site will change? Not a ton. I think it has been pretty clear during my time at this site that people enjoyed the way Duncan ran things, and I intend very much to keep the transition smooth. But at the same time there is always room for improvement and new ideas. That's where you come in!

We Are Looking For Writers

Duncan is not the only one who will be taking a bit of a step back from the site. A couple of other writers will still be contributing, but their schedules dictate it will be less frequent. Even before all of this changeover the site really was in need of a few more hands on deck. Our game coverage has always been incredible solid, but we could use some individuals to fill the gaps.

So if you are interested in writing for Waking the Red, now would be the time to step forward. Just from reading the comments section it is clear that this site has a dedicated, highly articulate readership who have (mostly) good opinions. So if you would like to express those in a more long form setting than this is your opportunity.

Ideally a writer would be available to publish at least one piece a week. But honestly most contributions would be welcome. For the most part, the bigger staff we have at this site the better the coverage we will be able to produce as writers will have more time to produce better content.

If you are interested, or have any questions, email

We Want Your Feedback

What do you like about Waking the Red? Let us know in the comments section below so we can keep doing more of that. This is incredibly helpful as we try to budget our time in the best way possible.

I would like to say a special thank you to all of you for reading us over the years. Onwards and upwards, and hopefully the team(s) we cover actually gives us something positive to write about in the near future.