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Doneil Henry Has Been Sold to Cyprus, Maybe

Once again Toronto FC manage to confuse and convolute a situation as one of their best young players will be departing the club. For how long, and to where, stand out amongst many unanswered questions.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

MLSE have been frustrating at the best of times in terms of their management of Toronto FC, but lately they seem to be doing an especially good job of making fans pull out what little hair they have left. While the team was sliding out of the playoff picture, they made no shortage of errors in trying to save their "bloody big deal". Plus, the way this entire season has gone tends to make everything all the more unnerving.

Then comes the revelation today that Doneil Henry has been moved from the club. That in itself is no surprising news. The rumour of his departure was posted earlier this week on the site, and stemmed from tweets from Duane Rollins. It’s also not surprising that his destination is Europe, Henry had a very successful training stint with West Ham, who apparently tried to keep him.

Heck, maybe they did, because there is a second part of this tale that is absolutely mind boggling. Not only has Henry been sold, he was on loan this whole time. To be fair this isn’t entirely on Toronto FC for not letting anybody know. The contract was property of MLS, they also could have dropped a hint. But we all know how murky they are with this sort of thing. They shoulder a good portion of this blame, if not the majority.

West Ham doesn’t seem the likely destination, however, apparently it’s Cyprus although TFC still won’t say. Rollins, for his part, believes it to be AC Omonia, who are currently 6th in the Cypriot First Division. His sources seem to be pretty good, so probably best to believe him with this as well. Toronto FC aren’t any help, they have been incredible vague about the whole thing.

Bezbatchenko promised the club would reveal more about the situation soon, but now that this lead is out it will probably all be public knowledge by the time any sort of announcement is made.

For their part they seem very intent on keeping Henry within the team, and why not. Reports have surfaced that it is likely Henry will be back with the team at some point next season. So Saturday’s tearing-eyed display in front of the south end may not be his last at BMO Field.

What is so shocking about all of this is how Toronto managed to turn news that would have ordinarily gotten a positive reaction from supporters because of what it meant for Henry’s development, into such a mess. This should be about a talented young man who is starting to make good on boundless potential.

It also should have been a story about Toronto’s player development. Having a player graduate to the first team before impressing enough to go to Europe should not be understated. This is something that TFC academy should be proud of accomplishing. But this is a talking point on nobody’s lips because of how the news was delivered.

Toronto FC have gotten so good at this whole disappointment thing, they can put a negative spin on even the most positive storylines.