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Defoe's feelings are hurt. And TFC's being TFC.

Jermain Defoe's been reading what you've said about him and he's not happy. And he's a bit of a liar. And apparently a momma's boy. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Don't really have time for a full article, but while the Doneil Henry revelation ruled yesterday's TFCosphere with it's inherent TFC shitshowy goodness, there were further fun developments in the Jermain Defoe saga, which certainly deserve being rounded up and looked at here.

The short version is that he's super committed to TFC, always has been, though when it comes to the future, well who knows anything can happen, completely out of his hands.  All of us who've been saying otherwise these last couple of months are just making stuff up out of nowhere. Bastards.  He's obviously disillusioned that we're not all worshipping him, going as far as to drop vague references to how if fans want a player to stay at a club they should at least support them, show them that you want them to be here. Obviously then when he goes it will be all our fault.

He also goes into vague details on his injury and how it's affected him. It's apparently perfectly normal that he'd go back to England for a month to be around doctors he trusts. Though for some reason now, he's listening to TFC's doctor who's sending him off to see someone in Germany, not sure why all of a sudden TFC's medical staff's opinion is worth more than it was back then but there you go.

Here's the full interview he did if you have 10 minutes. Just watch you don't get blinded by his twinkling diamond earrings.

Reporters faithfully transcribed and wrote articles, mostly choosing to limit their own opinion on it in favour of letting the quotes speak for themselves.  Here's John Molinaro's article. including this line:

He later added: "I never once came out publically and said I want to leave this club."

Except that's not exactly what he said. Here's Armen Bedakian's article,  with a slightly different spin on that quote.

"I've never come out and said publically that I want to leave a football club"

Which is a bit different really isn't it? The quote comes at about 9:20 of the above interview, and again at 10:30.  He definitely says A club, not this club, and he's clearly talking about his career as a whole.  Obviously given his heroic commitment and his own personal history of being a great player who'd never come out and say he wanted to leave a club, he shouldn't in any way be criticised like he is right now.  Totally unfair to him.

Here's an article from 2003 when he tried to leave West Ham, 24 hours after they got relegated.

The 20-year-old said: "As much as I love West Ham United I feel that now is the right time for me to move on in my career.

"This is very much a career decision.

And here's an article about him wanting out of Portsmouth to go back to Tottenham.

So yeah, he apparently thinks we're clueless rubes who don't know how to work the internet. Both right there on his wikipedia page for fuck's sake, it's not hard, you really don't have to look far.

Anyway, the fun was ratcheted up this morning, when Kurt Larson dropped this little bit of extra character assassination. 'Several high-placed sources, a source in the position to know, an informed source, a well placed source, a source with knowledge, multiple sources, multiple well placed sources, a source with direct knowledge,' All phrases that appear in there, which seems a bit over the top really, but is probably a good indication that a few people within TFC want to shit on Defoe and his character, while of course publically maintaining that everything's ok.

Basically it's rehashing old notes about how Defoe wanted away in the summer, to the point of agreeing terms with QPR, and then adding in how he didn't want to work with TFC's doctors when the injury first flared up and he went back to England, and right now he could totally play if he really wanted to. The added fun really comes with the revelation of just how much his mother is involved with his career.  Not just a wantaway player who wouldn't listen to the doctors and is a bit of a wimp and an all round bad character, But a mommas boy too! What kind of man is he? Once again, the TFC narrative of 'it's this one person's fault, get rid of him and everything will be ok' is really getting revved up.  The PR battle between now and when he does finally go should be interesting, after a bit of a quiet start to the season, the WTFC drama just continues to twirl twirl twirl towards freedom.