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Toronto FC vs NE Rev: If TFC Falls In Foxborough, Does Anybody Care?

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your...oh wait. Sorry I mean welcome to the last TFC game (thankfully) of 2014 and the end of another disappointing season.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

And so it ends.  Another disappointing season for Toronto FC, another year in which the fans look at one another and ask 'why did we sign up for this again?'.

It seems somewhat fitting to finish the season against the New England Revolution as the 3-0 loss to them back in August is what (allegedly) got Ryan Nelsen fired as coach and started the Greg Vanney era for TFC - or Season Eight Part Two.

Because this has felt like two different seasons hasn't it?  It's something that will get discussed once the season is mercifully over but it's hard to not compare these last two months with the previous five - results wise, mood about the team, and so on. It really feels like (yet again) it's been two different teams.  Which I suppose is a familiar feeling being a TFC fan but really don't we hope that every season to just have something stay the same? Ah well, maybe next year. (hahahahahahahahaha).

Tonight's match will be interesting in that Toronto is of course missing several players: Dwayne De Rosario and Jonathan Osorio to suspension, Jermain Defoe to injury and perhaps Michael Bradley as well as he's missed training this week a lot to have his foot looked at.  And really who would be surprised if Bradley didn't play tonight?  It's a meaningless game in another meaningless season.  Yes Vanney has said that they're going into this game looking to win - momentum going into next season, winning culture/mentality, etc, etc - but given the fractious nature of this team? We'll see.

What will be interesting is to see what kind of team the Rev put out on the pitch as well, they're guaranteed the second spot in the Eastern Conference regardless of tonight's outcome, and since they're going to the playoffs I'd be surprised if Jay Heaps didn't rest a bunch of his players and give his bench a run out instead. Although who doesn't want to watch Lee Nguyen and Diego Fagundez run circles around Toronto's midfield and defence?  Oh and they've got some guy named Jermaine Jones too - I hear he's kind of good...sigh.

Many TFC fans are hoping to see Vanney give some of the kids and under (or never) used players a chance in today's game - but as stated above Vanney is looking to get points out of this match and will already be missing several key players.  Maybe once the game gets out of hand in the second half we'll see the likes of Ashtone Morgan or Andrew Wiedeman.  Hey maybe Bright Dike will emerge from wherever it is that they've hidden him.

But I'm expecting Gilberto, Luke Moore, Jackson, Kyle Bekker, Dominic Oduro, Michael Bradley (or Collen Warner), Mark Bloom, Steven Caldwell, Doneil Henry (one last time?) and Justin Morrow to line up in front of Joe Bendik.  I say Henry over Nick Hagglund because it may be his last game in a TFC kit depending on his situation in Cyprus (or whoever it is he belongs to right now - so murky!).  But it could go either way.

It's hard to write anything other than this for this game.  I for one am glad that it is almost over - even though I know that the withdrawal of watching our Reds every week will hit me sooner rather than later.  But seasons like this (so, basically the past eight years), make it hard to care at the end.  We all care about the team because that's our club and so on but really, this game means nothing to either side.  I'd say pride for Toronto but who are we kidding?  If they win today it's nothing for them to point to as some sort of turning point heading into the off-season. Especially as a good chunk of these guys won't even be here next year.

Will I be watching tonight?  Of course I will - the same as I always do.  Even at their worst I find it hard to turn away and (for good or for ill) I'll be back next season.  But right now, I'm not particularly happy about it.  So for the last time a half-hearted Come On You Reds.