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Toronto FC @ New England Revolution: Game thread.

One last time we go through the motions before the real action starts with the off season. Join us here, it'll be nervous, important, fun, something.

It was briefly fun wasn't it?  sigh.
It was briefly fun wasn't it? sigh.
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

New England Revolution vs Toronto FC
Gillette Field, 7:30

Here it is then, one last game, one last game thread, at the end of such a disappointing end to the season. Let's go back to the start of the season, and what I wrote in the game thread for the Seattle game.

Good times for a change
see, the luck I've had
can make a good man
turn bad

So please please please
let me, let me, let me
let me get what I want
this time

Haven't had a dream in a long time
see, the life I've had
can make a good man bad

So for once in my life
let me get what I want
Lord knows it would be the first time
Lord knows it would be the first time

Thinking about this upcoming season, I just can't get that song out of my head. The recognition that amidst a lifetime of despair, there is now actually the potential of good times, of the possibility of a dream. The plaintive, almost apologetic plea for the universe to actually let that dream flourish, to let the good times happen, just this once, desperately trying to push down the knowledge that somehow it will go wrong, because it always does, this is TFC we're talking about.

Yeah. Yyyyyeppppp. yep, yep, yep. The lesson here kids is never dream, never believe, TFC will find a way to make it all go wrong. This was a new one, promise that actually looked like it was going to be backed up before fizzling out and then fully imploding.  Who knows how they'll mess it up next season, but there's nothing that's happened since the big, apparently necessary, firing of Nelsen that makes me think that things will be better next year. The events of the last week certainly show the same old dysfunctional issues that are the basis for all the failing are still very much there.

There's very little point in really putting too much thought into this game really, though other preview material can be found elsewhere on the site if you're so inclined. It doesn't really matter, anyone can see, but what the hell, let's get together for one last 2 hour group therapy gallows humour session shall we?